Zippy Passive Income Business Scholarship

Zippy Passive Income, a business blog out of Burley, Idaho, is pleased to offer the Zippy Passive Income Business Scholarship. The Scholarship is open nationwide to those who will be attending college the fall semester of 2018. Special consideration will be given to an undergraduate who is interested in pursuing a career in Marketing but anyone meeting the requirements & can demonstrate an interested in pursuing a career in Business will be considered.

This Award will be presented to a current college students, but High School Seniors who will be attending courses by the Fall semester of 2018 are welcome to apply. The award will be presented to a currently enrolled college student who will not have graduated by fall semester of 2018 & is still attending courses at that time. This will be a one-time award.

The Scholarship will be judged on merit and need. Academic achievements as well as any leadership experiences will be taken in to account.

Zippy Passive Income Business Scholarship


  • This scholarship is judged & awarded primarily on merit & need.
  • Completed application must be submitted online or by email by July 31, 2018. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  • Applicant must plan to attend college by fall semester 2018.
  • Must have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0.
  • A transcript must be attached to the application for consideration.
  • Applicant must submit an un-opened copy of official transcripts if selected as a finalist.
  • This scholarship is a one-time award worth $250 to be awarded the fall semester of 2018.
  • Although not required, applicants are encouraged to submit recommendation letters and/or resumes to substantiate their application.
  • Applicant will be required to demonstrate both their merit and their need for this scholarship

Please Email the Following Information to

  1. Date
  2. First, Last Name
  3. Phone
  4. Email
  5. Address
  6. College/High School Name
  7. Year of Expected Graduation
  8. College/High School GPA
  9. Activities of Leadership
  10. Special Honors/Awards
  11. Family Income per Year
  12. Grants
  13. Loans
  14. Scholarships, Fellowships
  15. Tuition, Fees
  16. Books, Supplies
  17. Rent, Mortgage
  18. Financial Circumstances and How This Scholarship Will Help You

Alternatively, you may fill out the form below. (Note: the form will only function if you are using Google Chrome as your internet browser)