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There are so many working opportunities online nowadays that families have more opportunities than ever to stay at home with their families and create a sustainable career. These online job opportunities also allow full-time employees to enjoy a side hustle or stay-at-home mothers to supplement their family income. The only problem: finding out what it available.

I am dedicated to helping people find a sustainable way to make money online, including helping them find work from home online jobs to setting up their own thriving internet business. That’s what this article explores.

In the detailed list below, you will see some great work-from-home opportunities of companies that are looking to hire people like you. No matter your background or reason for wanting to make a little extra income, these ideas should get you pointed in the right direction. I will also briefly describe the pros and cons of each job so you can decide if each would be right for you. Stick around to the end! My last suggestion is probably the best and most sustainable long-term for anyone who is also wanting to make sustainable passive income, and it may just change how you think about your wealth.

Without further ado, here is a list of 10 work-from-home online jobs you can consider:

10. Kaplan

Kaplan is an educationally-based company that creates study guides and books for standardized test preparation, such as the SAT, ACT, the GRE, and much much more. Their mission is to help students preparing to take standardized tests find out the strategies and develop the knowledge they need to get the highest score possible. What’s more, they were even rated one of America’s best employers by Forbes, meaning they really take care of the people they hire. The best part is that they hire part-time. Some of their jobs include teaching/tutoring, marketing and sales, customer service, tech support, operational support, and even jobs in publishing and production. The biggest drawback of Kaplan is that they often require a degree to work for them, and sometimes the degree must be specifically related to the job you are applying for. For jobs related to customer service, however, you often can pass with just a highschool graduation degree.

9. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a company that is also educationally-based, but their main focus is on helping students acquire second languages. They sell to millions of customers all over the word and assist in schools, government organization, and businesses so that their students and learners can quickly acquire language. The best part is that they also hire part-time online employees. Often, these employees are able to help with curriculum development, sales, HR, IT, product/customer support, legal/financial services, and much more. The best part is that they may also offer benefits you can’t find in other online jobs, such as medical, a wellness program, tuition reimbursement, and even paid time off. The drawback, like with Kaplan, is that you often have to have some degree in most cases. The hours can also be fairly stringent, so though you work from home, you may not have great flexibility of working hours.

8. Russell Stover

Russell Stover sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You probably have seen their name on candies sold all over the US. This notorious candy producer employs remote online workers who work in the areas of distribution, customer service, and manufacturing. They also offer great benefit packages. The only drawback is that their telecommuting opportunities are often offered to those who have worked onsite first. Though this isn’t always the case, their job opportunities to work from home are a little fewer than perhaps the other two that we previously mentioned.

7. GreatAuPair

GreatAuPair is an international company that provides a network of caregivers to families who need help in different area. This may include child care, helping seniors with their needs, tutoring children, or helping with personal or daily tasks. How does this work with “work-from-home” opportunities? They offer several opportunities to perform their jobs online, and they even offer the flexibility of full and part time. The obvious drawback is that sometimes it isn’t work from home, and you have to go to the homes of the people you are helping. This is difficult for people who don’t live in a place where GreatAuPair is established.

6. FlexProfessionals

The company of FlexProfessionals is focused on staffing and recruiting and specialize in helping skilled professionals find flexible work arrangements that match their lifestyle. Employees of this company help qualified individuals find full-time or part-time work and may be hired on as a sales person, account manager, business developer, or recruiter. They offer great opportunities to work full or part time from remote locations, but you are tied to their hours of operation, which can make it hard for some people or those who want to break the 8 to 5.

5. Lionbridge

Lionbridge employs people interested in jobs in translation and acquisition. They help their clients reach an international base to expand their potential sales. They hire several remote employees, including those who can do translation work, develop websites/software, perform marketing materials, and provide QA for products. If you have the skill sets they are looking for, Lionbridge is a great opportunity for telecommuters.

4. Sutherland

Sutherland is a company which, essentially, helps other companies transform their internal and external business practices and processes to increase productivity and performance. Using data analytics, they offer several solutions that improve the experience of the customers of their clients. The only drawback is that anyone who wants to work for Sutherland remotely must first work onsite in Massachusetts.

3. Xerox

You read that. The paper tycoon company also hires online employees through their virtual workforce program. They hire several different types of online workers, such as those involved in customer care, tech support, software, QA, and even image tagging. The best part of working for Xerox is that the time is often flexible, but they have a pretty long vetting and application process before you get to work with them.

2. Humana

This large insurance brand offers work from home opportunities as well. Humana offers insurance for medicare recipients, dental plans, and vision insurance, and they are constantly hiring people who can work as consultants, managers, or engineers, but they don’t often hire people without some pretty strict qualifications that you can find on their hiring page. If you are interested in the insurance process, this could be a great job opportunity for you.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

This, by far, is my number one suggestion for anyone looking to make a sustainable online career. Wealth Affiliate doesn’t “hire” in the traditional sense, but rather they offer a membership to a vast amount of tools and resources that teach you how to make your own online business, even through affiliate marketing. They do offer an opportunity for people to sell their memberships for them through their own affiliate marketing plan.

Because I feel this is such an amazing opportunity, I will spend a little more time explaining what it is all about. Wealthy Affiliate helps people who want to establish their own online businesses step by step. They teach you how to go about making a website as your main money-maker, how to market it, and how to grow your business.

The concept is fairly straight-forward. First, you choose a product you would like to sell. The product can be one that you own or one that you market for another person (affiliate marketing). If it is something you would like to sell, usually Wealthy Affiliate suggests that you make it a digital product, but you could do virtually anything. If it is an affiliate product, I would recommend finding a product that requires a monthly payment so you build a monthly passive income really easily.

After you choose your product, you create a website focused around that product and selling that product. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to set up pages that direct your visitors to a sales page focused on selling affiliate products.

They also teach you how to garner traffic through SEO and paid advertising channels to get as many people to visit as possible and convert to real sales. SEO refers to free things you cando to make Google rank your site higher. Paid advertising online refers to Facebook or Google ads which are targeted at people who are searching for the type of product you are selling.

The best benefit to Wealthy Affiliate and working as your own boss with an online business is that you have total freedom of hours. You can work on it full or part time, as a career or as a side hustle. You don’t have to work for a boss, and you can make a really sustainable living making passive income wherever you want. When it comes to online jobs, I definitely think this is the route that people should consider.

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