Where to Sell Your Books

If you are an author, you know that key to sales is more than creating a great work that everyone will enjoy. It also involves marketing your book. Anyone who is interested in selling books knows they must learn about becoming a good salesman. This process begs a few questions, especially for writers who just want to write, including

  • where to sell your books
  • how to market your books
  • what resources are available

If you are a published author or are thinking about selling your work, click here and consider these steps to help you get started on your journey.

1. Get a Place of Your Own for Your Books

To actually sell more books, it requires a space of their own – not a physical place, but an online presence. The first step to making a best-selling book is to create your own website. There are several resources out there that have made book publishing and selling easy, and, in most cases, you can even self-publish and they will automatically list you in their own online catalog. These sites are great for getting started, but they aren’t an end-game. Your own website will allow you to interact with your niche audience, writing responses to their questions and engaging with them on a personal level so they are more likely to convert to a lead who will actually buy your books. The best place where to sell your books is going to be a space you can actually control: your own website.

You can even get started with a website for free today! Just enter a domain name you would like to register below and get set up with your own online bookstore in just a few simple clicks!

2. Get Them Reading

Having a website is crucial to success, but it is only the first step. To get people to buy your book, they need to find a way to get to your website, or they will never hear about it. This is where good training comes into play. If you signed up for a website above, then you already have access to training and a community of people who are dedicated to helping you succeed at selling your book online. If not, you can still sign up or see why others are choosing to join Wealthy Affiliate to help them gain traffic to their own websites.

3. More is Better

If you start to make a few book sales, you will start to feel really good about your online business. This will likely lead to a desire to sell even more copies of your book, which means attracting more and more visitors who are interested and engaged to read your book. I recommend joining an online community of people to learn how to get even more traffic to your site.

taylor profile wealth affiliate

This is my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate. You can get help from me anytime, and you can get help from anyone part of the community who has successfully sold his or her own books before. With so many resources available to you, you are bound for success to sell more copies of your book or books than ever before.

Get Started Now

There is no better time than the present to get started. With no capital investment, you have nothing to lose to by setting up your own website, even if you aren’t sure what you should do from there. The good news is that you are in good hand, and I will personally help you with anything you need to start experiencing success on your journey. Contact me, visit my site, or leave a message below to get advice about what you can do to make your book a best-seller!

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