Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 10/10
Price Starter Membership: $0 (Join Here. No Credit Card Required.)

Price Premium Membership: $49 per month or $359 per year (Join Here)
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: Wealthyaffiliate.com


Wealthy Affiliate is a huge internet business community that is committed to helping its members create successful businesses online. What makes Wealthy Affiliate unique is that their training can help anyone in any niche succeed. They even help you select a niche to be in if you aren’t sure which one to choose. This review is to help anyone that is interested in learning more about Wealthy Affiliate and if it is really as good as it sounds.


There are a lot of positives when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate:

  • The training is very simple and easy for anyone with any level of experience to follow
  • Much of the training is in video format and there are live trainings every week
  • The community consists of over 800,000 helpful members
  • There are 13+ classrooms to help you understand the foundation of you business.
  • Live chat and support 24/7/365
  • You have access to create 2 free website in a matter of seconds
  • Wealthy Affiliate is a strict spam free environment
  • Absolutely free to get start. (There are no catches)

That last point is huge for most people. I like to try anything before I buy. So having the ability to use Wealthy Affiliate for free is a huge benefit. You can even continue to use Wealthy Affiliate for free if you believe that you have all you need with the starter membership, although there are some limitations.

There is one con that comes to mind with Wealthy Affiliate:

  • The large amount of information can sometimes be overwhelming

There is a lot of information to take in. If you don’t take things one step at a time it can get overwhelming quickly. I suggesting taking things a day at a time making noticeable improvements over time.


As I mentioned perviously, Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone wanting to either improve their current internet business presence or for those that are wanting to get started online. Wealthy Affiliate’s vast community has thousands of experts that you can access that can help you along the way.

So if you have the drive to get started or improve your internet business’s presence, Wealthy Affiliate can help you.


The training at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best things about it. It caters to all levels of experience and there is a tremendous level of support so that you never need to feel like you are stuck. The training comes in many different formats:

  • Live Weekly Trainings
  • Q&A Periods
  • Classrooms organized on specific topics
  • Video and Tutorial trainings
  • Task based courses

Each of these training tools show you different ways that you can create a successful online business. You not only get access to all of these training tools as a member at Wealthy Affiliate, but you also will have access to a ton of different tools:

  • Competition & Keyword Research Tool
  • 3 click WordPress site builder
  • Low Competition Keyword Lists
  • Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Access to thousands of Site Themes
  • Ability to add hundreds of thounsands of different features to your site
  • Rapid Writer, your content “friend”

Once you are in Wealthy Affiliate you don’t need to worry about any other tools as they give you everything you need to be successful online. You won’t find any up-sells at Wealthy Affiliate because they give you everything you need.


The support at Wealthy Affiliate is like no other in the industry. There are literally thousands of experts waiting to help you at all hours of the day. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most helpful and responsive that I have ever experienced. Here are just a few ways Wealthy Affiliate’s support stands out:

  • Live, 24/7/365 Chat
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Live Question & Answer periods
  • Private 1-on-1 support with the founders and owners
  • Private access to community experts

You should never feel alone or stuck at Wealthy Affiliate. You just need to ask for help and it will be there many times in a matter of seconds.


Starter Membership: $0 (Join Here. No Credit Card Required)
Premium Membership: $49 per month / $359 per year (Join Here)

Trying Wealthy Affiliate for free was of big importance for me. I had fallen for so many different scams and I was tired of losing money to them. You will have access to a large amount of training and tools needed to be successful online with just the starter membership. In fact, I only used Wealthy Affiliates starter membership for a few months before I realized what I was missing out on. I haven’t seen another product out there that is able to compete with Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership. So you can only imagine how great they have made their premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership was meant to be all you need when starting an online business. It offers hosting, training, keyword research tools, website builders, and 24/7/365 support. You will not need to purchasing anything else once you are a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member and that is one of the biggest reason I love Wealthy Affiliate. Once you are a Wealthy Affiliate member you will never get scammed again or buy another internet marketing guru book because they offer everything you will ever need to get started and continue to become an expert in the space.


Wealthy Affiliate is totally legit and is the best way to get online and be successful. I give a 10/10 for all of the great support and the ease of getting online and becoming a success internet business owner.

I strongly encourage everyone to just try out Wealthy Affiliate. You have nothing to lose by giving it a shot as it is absolutely free. No credit card information is asked for so you don’t need to worry about cancelling if it is just something you are not interested in. But most people I have seen that try Wealthy Affiliate either stay a free member or become a premium member.

Special Bonus

As a bonus to you for just trying out Wealthy Affiliate I will give you personal access to me. Ask me any questions and as many questions as you would like and I will answer and help you in any way that I can. Here is my Profile where you can contact me. Also, if you do decide that you like Wealthy Affiliate and are considering going premium, do it in the first 7 days of signing up for a free membership to get a 50% discount from the $49.

Sign up for a free membership today and I promise that you will not regret it.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free, that’s $0 with no catches

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

I understand that many of you will be skeptical when you hear about Wealthy Affiliate and the claims that one can make good money online using their system. I wanted to give you a few examples of people that have been successful thanks to Wealthy Affiliate to help ease any doubts about it.


Pauric is an amazing example of how Wealthy Affiliate changes lives. Pauric became a member of Wealthy Affiliate five years ago in 2012, at which time he was trying to find a way to make him passive income online, but everything else he had tried was costing him a lot of money. Within just a week of joining Wealthy Affiliate, however all of his efforts up to that point and everything that had been missing came together and his websites finally began turning a profit.

The part of Wealthy Affiliate that really helped Pauric was the amazing, easy-to-follow, and clearly-outlined trainings. These helped guide Pauric step by step, giving him actionable tools he could immediately utilize. The great part of Wealthy Affiliate for Pauric was that he didn’t have to wait years and cross his fingers to hopefully, some day, make money. He was able to turn a profit within only a short time of signing up with Wealthy Affiliate. Instead of being broke and in the hole starting up an online business, he now gets to work anywhere he wants and is making passive income while he hops from cafe to cafe and beach to beach.


Leoemery is also awesome the way he created success using Wealthy Affiliate. He had been engaged in online business 7 years before even joining, but he realized the potential he had to increase his profits by following everything Wealthy Affiliate had to offer. He was able to tap into Wealthy Affiliate’s wide array of resources and make even more passive income!

The biggest factor to Leoemery’s success was something almost entirely unique to Wealthy Affiliate: access and an ability to network with other like-minded online marketers. He himself has repeatedly and publically thanked individuals on Wealthy Affiliate who have helped him along the way to become a true powerhouse and wealth of knowledge in online marketing. The coolest part of Leoemery’s online business is that it is entirely dedicated to new marketers who want to start their own online businesses! He gives everything he has to dedicate his time and talents to others who are looking to start their own journeys into affiliate marketing. Even with more than 2000 friends and followers on Wealthy Affiliate, he believes in sharing inside online marketing secrets so much that he always takes the time to answer everyone’s questions who approach him for help. Leoemery is a prime example of the wonderful type of people anyone can connect with on Wealthy Affiliate.


Take a look at Dom. Dom is a web designer who wanted to learn how to increase his clientele base and earn more money managing web sites. While there is a demand for this, Dom was still interested in learning in making his passion and career into something bigger and better that offered more financial freedom. Within just a short time of joining Wealthy Affiliate, Dom was able to become his own boss and now lives in Taiwan where he is able to work wherever he wants.

The main thing that Wealthy Affiliate was able to do for Dom was provide him with a system and pattern of success through their amazing trainings and platform for communicating with other online business owners, even those related to his own niche! The best thing about Dom’s success, as he puts it, is that he doesn’t have to worry about not making money if he takes a day or two off work or wants to do something for vacation. With the steps Wealthy Affiliate has taught him to creating an online business, he has been able to generate passive income, and his flexible schedule gives him all the freedom in the world to pursue his passions and enjoy life the way he wants it.


Abigail is also a perfect example of the small and simple successes that comprise the overall financial freedom Wealthy Affiliate can help you attain. Abigail’s online business is dedicated to affiliate products associated with meditation, healing, and music. After she joined Wealthy Affiliate, she saw an immediate improvement in her ability to sell products, and ended up selling a total of 11 different products for a commission that went straight into her pocket. Now, she is a Wealthy Affiliate guru and source of online marketing knowledge. All it took for her were these slow and steady gains that resulted in sales over and over each month.The best part for Abigail is that everyone, including her customers, benefited from what she was doing. She has claimed that it gives her joy to help people who really need it, and selling her affiliate products is just one way she has been able to bring her passion to life for so many others. What really helped Abigail? The supportive community of entrepreneurs that have helped guide her along to where she is today.


When it comes to testimonials of Wealthy Affiliate, Wendy is a powerhouse. Wendy started out selling adult board games online, something she was interested and enjoyed, but wasn’t taking in much revenue. After joining Wealthy Affiliate, she surpassed her previous sales by far and has continued to make an incredible, sustainable income. In fact, she increases her overall profits by 30% to 50% every month! Her rate of improvement has skyrocketed since joining Wealthy Affiliate, and it is all due to her training and willingness to take the dive into something new and a little scary but reap a really big reward!

Wendy has claimed time and time again that joining Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best things anyone can do if they want to improve their online business presence. She loves that she was provided with everything she needed to succeed, especially a WordPress website with tons of functionality and customizable features. The best part of Wendy’s success? She now has more than 10 streams of income coming in, all of which work passively for her because of her implementation of Wealthy Affiliate’s system.

These are just a few examples of the many success stories that are out there thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. What is great about Wealthy Affiliate, however, is that you don’t need to take my or any one else’s word for it. You can access the community and training for free today and see for yourself how Wealthy Affiliate will help you succeed online!

Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free and start your path to success today!

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