Time Management

When working towards your passive income online you will need to manage your time we’ll. You may be a parent that has 4 kids that need to be taken to school, then later to piano lessons, and then you’ll need to prepare dinner for them. Later you’ll get them ready for bed, read them a story and tuck each one of them in. That can take a lot of you time. You may be the provider of the home working 8-10 hours a day to support you family and then when you come home you want to spend some time with your family. Or you may be a college student studying full-time and working full-time, not having much time to do anything else but study and work.

Whatever you case may be, I can promise you that you have the time to start working on creating your passive income online. Below I outline some tips that have helped me make the time to begin creating my passive income without sacrificing the things that matter most to me in my life:

  1. Create a Daily Time Calendar – It has helped me to plan out everything in my day in half hour increments. Then I would place what I normal do during that time in that half hour slot and do that for every half hour. Don’t forget to also add in your sleep time! By doing this you will be able to see where you may be using time that you could be using toward starting you online business, something like watching TV or Netflix. During those times you can instead begin work on creating your passive income. For example, I decided that the best time for me to work on my online business is in the mornings before everyone wakes up. That way I still get time with my family later in the day after work.
  2. Stay Focus on the Task at Hand by keeping only work tabs open – Getting distracted while working on your online business can happen easily. You can look up anything and everything online these days. I recommend only keeping tabs open in you internet browser that are related to you online business so that there are no distractions for you.
  3. Make a Notecard that has the Top Three Things You Need to Accomplish Each Day – It’s hard to focus on creating an online business if you feel like you aren’t getting other important things done. Make a notecard that list out the three top things each day that you need or would like to accomplish. It is ok if you do not finish everything on your list each day, but you will feel much better about yourself as you will be getting something important off of your list done each day.
  4. Set an Amount of Time You Will Work On Your Business Each Day – We have already discussed how business things can be for us each day. That is why it is important to set a goal for how long each day you will work on your online business and stick to that. I try to work for an hour a day on my business. If I miss a day for whatever reason, I make it up the next day, no exceptions. Create a passive income online takes time and effort. If you don’t put in that time consistently, you will be hard pressed to see some results.

These are just a few things that I recommend doing to stay on task and to consistently work towards your goal of a passive income online. Visit Getting Started today to getting going on your Online business and creating a passive income today!