Think Traffic / Fizzle Review

Overall Ranking: 80/100
Price Starter Membership: Free for 2 weeks
Price Premium Membership: $35 per month or $315 per year
Owners: Corbett, Caleb, and Chase


Think Traffic is a blog and video course series that covers how to develop an online presence that generates traffic and passive income. Primarily, the courses focus on affiliate marketing and how to successfully set up a blog or sales website and make money as an affiliate marketer. Their own success as a company is also based on affiliate marketing, as they have several other people doing affiliate marketing work for these training products, thus living what they preach. For anyone who is looking at whether or not Think Traffic/Fizzle is a good investment for them or if it is a sham, keep reading what we have uncovered about the program.


There are a few pros when it comes to buying a Think Traffic/Fizzle membership:

  • Their basic methods are true and tested.
    At a basic level, everything they teach about making money online and how to make a passive income is tried and true. They teach you how to choose products specific to a niche, how to set up a website focused on those products, how to gain traffic, and how to make money by selling products through affiliate marketing. They do not believe in sensationalism, and they don’t make any false promises. They simply teach you the correct methods of making a passive income without any unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • They are less expensive than many other online sites and their trial is extensive.
    For a monthly membership, many other affiliate marketing websites charge upwards of 50 dollars or more. Think Traffic only charges 35. While this is only 15 dollars less a month, the savings really adds up over the year. The free trial they offer is also quite long. They give you two weeks to start to see if you really like it, and you get knock out a LOT of their courses during this time.
  • They have great blogs that anyone can access as a resource, even without a membership.
    Even if you don’t go for a paid membership, they are constantly producing really awesome content that keeps you hooked and looking for more.

Even with the good parts of the Think Traffic, there are a couple of major flaws to their system:


  • They don’t have a good community base where members can interact with one another.
    Other affiliate marketing sites allow for their membership base to interact and network, but the ability to do this with Think Traffic isn’t nearly as extensive (there simply aren’t very many people using it – about 2000). Part of running a successful online business is getting help from others who have already been there in real time. While training videos are great and they have crucial stuff you need to know, they are still not enough.
  • You’ve pretty much learned all you can after going through all of the courses.
    After the courses are done, there is not a lot left besides going out and implementing what you know. Sure, there are blogs you can read, but you could do that for free anyway.
  • They make you submit a credit card even with a free trial.
    No one likes this, but Think Traffic makes you do it. If you forget to end your subscription after two weeks, they will charge your card for a monthly membership.



Think Traffic is by and large for everyone, but buying a membership is more or less tailored to people who are new to affiliate marketing. Their blogs apply to even experienced affiliate marketers, however, so anyone can utilize the information they provide. They also have a podcast that anyone can listen to about marketing topics that will take any online business to the next level.


The whole aspect of training is the center of Think Traffic. They have several tools and resources you can use to learn:

  • Weekly, live coaching sessions
  • 100+ hours of video training
  • Practical hands-on application
  • Different training courses tailored to suit your needs

They will help you know the appropriate steps you need to take to further your business and grow it into a sustainable generator of passive income. It is especially good for new people looking to learn about affiliate marketing, but even experienced marketers can learn a few things with their personalized tools.


They have 2000 people who are willing to help you grow your business, as well as a custom plan to bring you to the next level. As I already stated, they also have live coaching sessions you can join where you can ask questions remotely and be involved in the whole experience.


Starter Membership: $0

Premium Membership: $35 per month / $315 per year

With a non-committal two-week free trial and only 35 dollars a month after that, they really are giving you a great deal


Think Traffic is completely authentic and true to their promises of education and online business building. I would give it a 80/100 simply because I personally know the drawbacks are compensated with other online programs. It is still a solid program, however, and you can anticipate good things from it, especially for the price if you are a beginner. If you are interested in this program, Click the link below!

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