Sell Your Oris Watch

Oris watches are mechanical watches produced by a Swiss watchmaking company and have been around since the early 1900s. These are luxury watches, so getting your hands on them are a treat, but selling them for profit is even better. This article covers a couple of ways you could go about selling your Oris watch or how you could set up an online business selling watches in general.

How to Sell an Oris Watch Online

If your Oris watch is in good condition, there is a high probability that you could get some substantial cash for it, upwards of hundreds or even a few thousand dollars. This means you are going to want to find a place online where people with that kind of cash are willing to drop it on your watch. This eliminates places like local Facebook groups or Craigslist, seeing as people searching these sites often don’t have the type of money you are looking for to purchase luxury items. Your better option will probably be to list it on an upper class site, including Amazon, a luxury items site called, or other sites that buy back your luxury jewelry, such as or These are probably the fastest and easiest ways you will be able to get the most money out of your Oris watch from people who really want to buy it.

Selling Watches as an Online Business

Selling Oris watches specifically online as your own business may prove to be a challenge. For one, you would likely have to buy Oris watches low and flip them high at a price others would be willing to pay for, and the Oris watch company is likely not willing to provide you with watches wholesale (and if they are, it will probably take a lot of time to convince them it is a good idea). Another reason this would be hard is you would likely have to have the capital upfront to buy the watches and ship them out to customers yourself, which no one wants the headache of doing.

If your passion is to sell watches, however, be not dismayed! You can still create an online business selling watches even if they aren’t Oris. They may even be a line of luxury watches too. I have written several other articles about how to do this, but the gist is this. First, you want to find a watch company you would like to work with that offers an affiliate program (just type that search string into Google to get some initial ideas with what pops up first). Second, you will build a website dedicated solely to selling these watches. Third, you will drive traffic to your site. Fourth, you will lead site visitors to make a purchase while you get a percentage of the profit. There is a lot you will have to learn to fill in these cracks, but you can find out more by visiting my review page of, a platform that provides you with everything you would need to be a successful online businessman.

Get Started Today

The time for you to begin your journey starts now. You have more chance than ever before to begin your business by clicking here and following the advice this article provides. If, however, you would truly only like to sell your one Oris watch, we also hope that the sites above were helpful to you.

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