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One of the number one gripes that talented artists have, whether they paint, create handmade clothing, or draw is that they don’t get paid enough for what they do. A piece, which may take hours upon hours to create may only yield a few bucks, and that is if you are lucky. While this is a trying truism throughout the history of artistry, the good news is that times are changing. People all across the world are looking for pieces of art they are willing to commission or pay for, which means you can begin to market your art to them and sell more pieces than you previously thought possible. If you are an artist aspiring to make your pursuit a thriving business, check out this link to start learning how to sell your drawings online or follow our step-by-step guide below.

1. Go the the Drawing Board

The first step to selling art is to get it online and make your presence known. This is the best, most lucrative way to sell your art because people online are looking for you. That’s right! They want what you are selling. The only way to reach them, however, is to make sure your online “gallery” is available to them, meaning you need a website. Your own website will become a place where you can interact with your customers and sell your drawings (or skills), and people will be willing to pay for them! Sign up below to get a free, risk-free website to get started.

2. Your Patrons

Just because your art is up online, however, doesn’t mean people will see your drawings. You will have to take certain steps to promote your site and market your pieces. Even if you don’t want to be a salesperson, you don’t have to be. There are other ways of getting people to your site than “selling” or “advertising” to them in the traditional sense – a lot of which you can do at home right from your computer! How do you do this: get the right training. Sign up here for access to videos, tutorials, and mentors which will teach you how to do this. It’s initially free, so you have no risk in joining to see what it is all about, and a monthly membership fee is marginal.

3. Keep Promoting

Progression is the key to making money off your drawings. To sell more, you will want to find all of the techniques and tricks of the online marketing industry that will help you make this a possibility. Where can you find all of these tips and this type of help?

taylor profile wealth affiliate

This is my profile on an online community called Wealth Affiliate. There are thousands of artists just like you who have made a killing selling their pieces online, and they are willing to help you as an ultimate resource to your success.

Get the Help, Get Drawing

Your passion is drawing or creating, so you may be thinking you aren’t exactly fond of the idea of wanting to market. I get that! However, selling your pieces will definitely mean tapping into the market a little, which is why I am here. Leave me a comment below or follow these steps to get a HUGE team of people working with your to help you achieve your goals. There is no better time than now. Happy drawing!

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