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We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by stuff. While there are debates about whether or not this is a good thing or a bad, this isn’t something I will get into right now. What I want to talk about is how you, the average American, as a consumer, can take some of that “stuff” which you already have and turn it into a profit. If you have found yourself with extra belongings that you would like to get rid of, or if you would like to set up a side hustle for yourself buying low and selling high, this may be one of the most important articles you could read.

We are surrounded by “things” all the time. Just take a look around you right now. Look at all the stuff that fills the room you are in. Just reading this, you are surrounded by a computer and likely other pieces of furniture, books, other pieces of technology, and the list goes on. If any of this is yours, you may be in luck to make back a lot of your money, especially if you have purchased things you don’t really need or use.

The following list of sites delineates some of the best places to sell your used items and how to do it effectively. Like I already mentioned, you can use these online platforms to sell one or two things or maybe you want to make a business out of them. We aren’t talking just eBay or Amazon, either. There are several sites you can use to reach a broad demographic of people who may be interested your personal Items you put up for sale. Regardless the route you would like to take, keep reading to see how which sites we recommend for the best return on your items, and keep reading to the end. The last online platform may just change your life.

9. Ebay/Ebid

Almost everyone has heard of Ebay. Not everyone is familiar with Ebid. They both work in the same way, however. Sellers can list their items for a set price or allow people to make bids on the items. Many individuals who have used these sites to sell one or two products often get their money back for the item or at least get some value out of selling their old stuff. There are successful entrepreneurs who have also used Ebay and Ebid as a platform for online business. Essentially, they are able to find products for cheap and mark them up to prices that people are still willing to pay. What’s more, the customer base is world wide, so your items can still sell globally and garner interest. One man from Nevada, for example, found a complete, new, GI Joe action figure set at a garage sale. He bought the set for 20 dollars and sold them on Ebay to a man in Germany for 400 dollars. You will have to be crafty to find these types of deals if you plan on making money as an online business using Ebay or Ebid, but it is completely possible.

8. Swappa / Exchange My Phone

Both Swappa and Exchange My Phone lets you sell any old smartphones for a little extra cash. Swappa also lets you list your tablet, and you won’t have to pay any fees to sell either your phone and tablet. Exchange My Phone works a little differently, in that you choose the model, condition, and state of just the phone you want to sell, and they offer you a solid price which you can either accept or reject. Either of these options is obviously good if you are looking to unload one of your devices, but what about making a business out of it? Some savvy and techy people can find broken smartphones that they can repair themselves and will often be able to get their money’s worth for parts, labor, and the cost of the previously broken phone. If you aren’t that savvy at electronics, however, this could be a little more difficult to find cheap phones to flip and sell (at least ones that will turn enough of a profit, anyway).

7. Amazon/Bonanza/Oodle

Sites such as,, and often operate in a similar way. These platforms allow sellers to list their items on the site, and they take a small cut whenever a transaction takes place. There is unlimited potential with these types of sites for you to sell old items around your home, but they still need to meet certain standards or the condition of the items have to be accurately specified. Otherwise, you could lose your privileges to sell on the sites ever again, which doesn’t really help you make money. Entrepreneurs often use these sites to sell items they get in bulk or for affiliate marketing purposes.

6. Craigslist/

A lot of people take interest to selling items that their community may be specifically interested in. There are three great sites that help to accomplish this goal: Craigslist, Wallapop, and VarageSale. Craigslist, as most people know, is based in several different communities around the United States and allows people to meet up face-to-face to sell different items. Usually, these transactions are dealt with in cash, but sometimes you can make a deal with whoever wants to buy your items. This is the same with Wallapop and VarageSale. Wallapop is both an online and phone application that allows you to see things people are selling in your community. VarageSale is much like Craigslist, but it does a much better job of weeding out scammers. The only draw back of these face-to-face transactions is that it doesn’t make for a great business model for any online venture besides a few dollars here and there that you can get from selling odd items here and there.


These are great website for clothing lovers. One these sites, you can resell upper end, nice clothing where people can also buy these used items for a fraction of the cost. It my just fuel what you are willing to spend rather than help you make money because of their great deals, but the communities are thriving and dedicated to helping others get nice clothing at affordable prices. Each website is different in what they offer and how, such as Threadup which specializes mostly in children’s and women’s clothing, but Poshmark and TheRealDeal all offer something you will likely be able to use to sell your products.


As you can imagine, Cardaddy is dedicated to helping sellers unload unwanted vehicles. Sellers are not charged with listing fees, either, and there is no commision on the vehicles when they sell. The best way to make a business out of this is by somehow repairing and restoring a car which you get at a low price and sell for higher once it is working, but this requires a lot of mechanical skills and other know-how to make it really lucrative.


Valorebooks is an online company that allows you to buy, sell, and rent textbooks. This is often very helpful for college students or recent graduates who no longer need/want their textbooks, and the process of selling is very easy. You upload the ISBN and they make you an offer. It’s that simple. They even pay for shipping. This is obviously not a sustainable way to make money long-term, but it could help you liquidate your books for immediate cash that you are strapped for anyway as a college student.

2. Everything But the House

This is another site that isn’t great for sustainable business, but could help in the event of an estate sale. They help you sell old items of a house from clothing to jewels and furniture after someone has passed away to make a little money on the estate. Take a look at Everything But the House if you recently experienced the passing of a loved one.


By far, this is the most sustainable option when it comes to creating a long-time business. Wealthy Affiliate is somewhat different than the previously mentioned sites, and as I stated above, this one probably has the most potential to change your life. Wealthy Affiliate specializes in Affiliate Marketing and helping online business venturers to make money for the long term.

Their approach is a monthly membership that allows you access to thousands of videos about setting up an online business and joins you up with an online community of people who are dedicated to helping you build a lasting business that brings in passive income. They teach you how to create a website, market your website, get set up as an affiliate marketer, or simply sell your belongings online in a systematic, business-focused way. If you are interested in making money for the long-haul, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best options among all of the ones listed on this page!

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