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Many people have an inherent love for books. Even people who don’t necessarily enjoy reading love a book. There is just something special about literature and a bookshelf full of reading books that people find wholesome and nostalgic. If you are a book-lover yourself, you may be wondering how you could turn your passion into a little side profit. Maybe you even want to make selling old books online a passive income opportunity. Whatever it is you would like to do, consider some of the following ideas for success or click here to talk with mentors who are willing to guide you through the whole process.

Find the Books

Many people are looking for old books, and there are many ways you can provide them with what they are looking for. First, you can sell old books as an affiliate marketer, meaning that you do the advertising for old books on your website and receive a commission whenever a person buys the books through you. Or, if you want to physically sell old books, simply buy up old books which people are looking for, either in thrift stores, library book sales, or even online.

Just by doing a little research online, you can get a pretty good idea of the types of books people are looking for, which ones are out of print, and which ones you think would be most likely to turn a profit. Finding the books people want to buy is half the battle, so keep in mind who wants the books and why.

Maybe some of the old books they want to purchase are more for art projects. Maybe they intend them as gifts. May they are collectors. Whatever the case, try to find out so you can provide them with the old books they are looking for.

Market the Old Books

To do this, you will need a website, some training about how to get your website up in search engines, and maybe a little guidance and mentorship. I recommend an online community called to provide all of these things, a website, training, and mentors all in one site. Check them out here to get started for free.

Consider Third Party Sites

There are some great third party sites you can also consider utilizing to sell your old books. Granted, they may not make as much because they either take a commission of your books’ sales or they buy the old books from you personally at a lower cost so they can turn around and sell them at a much higher profit of margin. While these may mean losing some potential capital, it could be really good for those who want a low-maintenance way of making a little money right away. Simply do a search for websites that buy/sell used books and you can start using them to generate some income.

Selling Old Books Online

Whatever you choose to do, remember that I am here as a resource. I want to see you succeed with your online business pursuits no matter what. Promise to leave me a message below and I promise to respond. I am here to help you any way I can. Get started today and start making money of your own selling old books online!

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