Avoiding Scams

At some point in your quest to create a passive income, you probably came across a plethora of scams. There are a lot of people now days that are looking for a way to create additional income online and there are no shortage of sharks out there that will promise you the world and a quick way to get rich.

Let me teach you the first thing about avoiding scams online. Anyone that says they can teach you how to get rich quick online is LYING to you. There is no way to rich quick online. Like any thing else in life, you need to work hard and put in the hours to see success online. There are a few other keys things to look for when trying to avoid scams online:

  1. Sales page with only a video – If you visit a website when looking for someone to teach you how to make a passive income and all they have is a sales video, run the other direction. Anyone that creates a long sales video and forces you to sit through doesn’t believe that the content on their site is enough to help you believe in their videos and probably won’t help you learn how to create a passive income.
  2. No Way to contact on their site – If a site doesn’t have a super apparent way to contact them on it, you are probably looking at a scam. Anyone that creates a product that they believe in will make it easy to contact them. Also, you may need help along your journey to a passive income and if you can’t contact the site owner, what will you do if you get stuck?
  3. A 60 Day Guarantee – Typically, if a site is offering a 60 day guarantee, it is probably a scam.
  4. Constant Upsells – There is nothing more annoying than a site that offers an introductory product, a level 2 product, the insiders product, and on and on. I always recommend trying something before you buy so that you can know what you are getting before you buy, like Wealthy Affiliate. You can see upsells coming when they offer you a low introductory cost, something around $7. That usually means that they are going to try to upsell you later in the process to continue to access their product.

These are some of the tops things that I look out for when trying to avoid scams online.