Mergers & Inquisitions Review

Mergers & Inquisitions

Overall Ranking: 7/10

Price Starter Membership: Free (depending on the resources)

Price Premium Membership: $497, $997, and $1997 for different packages

Owners: Brian

Website: Mergers & Inquisitions


Mergers and Inquisitions is a website that is primarily dedicated to educating people on how to become investment bankers or land other financial jobs. They offer many many free resources, such as an expansive library of training videos and blogs, and they have made over $1 million dollars selling packages that help prospective financial job-seekers find careers that land them with 6 figure income.


When it comes to understanding what Mergers and Inquisitions offers its clients and those who purchase their packages there are a few pros and cons. Here are the pros:

  • They offer a lot of free information.
    Their website started off being an informational blog when Brian, the creator, quit his investment banking job and wanted to teach people how to be investment bankers themselves. As such, they offer a lot of training videos and blogs that cover more material than you may even know what to do with absolutely free!
  • They offer different coaching packages to make you job-ready.
    Depending on your knowledge, skill level, and budget, they provide you with different packages where you will receive one-on-one help and guidance to landing a job. They walk you through a pretty guided process.
  • They are very customer-oriented.
    If you buy their packages, they are very dedicated to you and your success and will hold you accountable to the commitments you make to them. They have a great customer support team in addition to someone who is assigned to guide you and coach you online your path to success.

As for the cons:


  • There is nothing “passive” about their approach.
    From the aim of our site, they are not really focused on creating passive income, but rather they train people to land jobs. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this, they won’t be able to teach you how to make passive income or utilize the internet to inspire your business.
  • Their packages are expensive.
    When you pay for a particular package or training program, it isn’t cheap. The quality they offer is good, but it isn’t exactly accessible to people who are on a budget and wanting to jump start their career with not capital.



There are seemingly two target audiences that Mergers & Inquisitions are primarily known for. The first is those who want a career in investment banking who have no prior experience or knowledge, and the second is those who are interested in investment banking who may already have some background but need help landing a job.


As I have stated already, their site is full of tons of free videos, courses, and articles that can help anyone get started for free. They also offer other courses in preliminary knowledge bases that investment bankers should know, such as Excel fundamentals. All of their packages coupled with their free resources offer a comprehensive pool of tools and resources that anyone could use and find useful.


When you sign up for their courses, you are well taken care of. Their mentors want to ensure your success, which is why they hold you accountable. You are able to access any training and can expect thorough and prompt replies to your questions.


Starter Membership: Free (depending on the resources)

Premium Membership: $497, $997, and $1997 for different packages per year


We give Mergers and Inquisitions a whooping 7 out of 10. The reason is because it is a great website with tons of great material. The problem is that it does very little for online entrepreneurs and doesn’t teach how to create passive income, but is very job-heavy.

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