Learn How to Sell Tickets Online

You can find event ticket everywhere online. Tickets are one of the best things our culture has designed to allow us access to entertainment beyond just sitting on our couches watching TV. If you are looking to sell spare tickets you have already purchased or want to figure out how to make a sustainable business from selling tickets online, this article is for you. I cover everything you need to learn so you can sell tickets online quickly and make some good money doing it.

1. StubHub

This particular site is one of the most popular ticket-selling distribution platforms on the web today. It allows you to list your tickets for free, though they do charge buyers and sellers fees with every sale. The best part of StubHub.com is that your tickets are likely to be quickly indexed on Google so your tickets come up when someone is conducting a search.

2. TicketsNow

TicketsNow.com is like StubHub with one key difference: it’s just a little smaller scale. The fees for sellers and buyers is roughtly the same, and TicketsNow is more heavily invested in selling NHL and NBA tickets, but most types of tickets can be sold on this platform. Sports are certainly their primary focus, however.

3. TicketExchange

TicketExchange is owned by the same parent company as TicketsNow and functions exactly the same as TicketsNow and Stubhub. TicketExchange, however, focuses mostly on selling NFL tickets. Like the other two, though, you can sell other types of tickets as well for the same types of fees.

4. VividSeats

VividSeats is another online ticket vendor which caters to concert and music tickets. You can expect to find major musical artist venues and other popular musical artists when searching tickets on this site, and you can also list your own tickets for other types of major league sports.

An Effective Way of Selling

You probably noticed with these major players that they have some things in common. All of them have attached fees (that’s how they make their money), they all have specific focuses, and they are listed on websites where your tickets may not receive top priority. This is kind of an issue whether you are selling a few tickets here or there or if you want to make a small business flipping tickets. The better way? Sell them yourself!

One of the preferable ways to sell your tickets is to create a website of your own so people can access your tickets immediate and inexpensively. You own website takes care of all the problems we mentioned in the previous paragraph. First, there are no fees when you make a sale. Second, the focus of your site can be whatever you like the most or whatever your tickets are about. Last, your tickets are the only priority.

If you are truly interested in selling tickets online, I would recommend creating your own website and advertising it. WealthyAffiliate.com is the first way I recommend everyone gets started, as they can learn how to create a website, how to market a website for free, and gain access to millions of other like-minded entrepreneurs like yourself. Click here to learn more and get started selling your tickets online today.

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