How to Sell Your Junk Online

I often look around my home and think, “Man, I have a lot of crap. I wonder if I could make any money off of it…” I know I’m not the only who has thought this, either. We all accumulate things that we don’t always need/want which are of some worth or value, and it makes us wonder if we can make any money back from our junk. This is why there are so many Facebook buy/sell/trade groups or sites dedicated to selling used crap: someone else will always find a use for it. With that being said, I created this article to help anyone who is looking to make a little extra cash from items lying around the house and how sell their junk online.

8. Ebay/Ebid

Ebay and Ebid are similar sites that most people are familiar with. Sellers list their used items for a particular price, and potential buyers either pay a flat price or bid on the item until the time runs out on it, like an auction. There is lot of potential to turn your junk into some extra cash with Ebay or Ebid, which is what makes them so popular.

7. Swappa / Exchange My Phone

These particular sites allow you sell old smartphones you have laying around the house and liquidate them for some extra cash. On Swappa, you can also sell your tablets, and with either you don’t have to pay fees when you make a sale. If you have a phone or two you need to unload, these two sites may be a better option than Ebay or Ebid because it is specifically related to phones.

6. Amazon/Bonanza/Oodle,, and are all very similar, though the latter two are often a little less known than Amazon. In any case, you can list used items as an individual seller to turn a profit, but the sites do take a small percentage for each sale.

5. Craigslist/

If you are a looking for a more local approach, these three sites are great for selling your junk. The best part is that you don’t usually have to worry about shipping and handling, as everything can be done in-person (though this may still turn off some people who don’t want to interact face-to-face with their buyers). Any types of transactions that take place from these sites deal primarily in cash, however, so that could also be a drawback.


These sites are go-to’s for clothing lovers. Anyone looking to sell their clothing can do so pretty easily on these sites. Each has their own rules and standards, so see what works best for you, but you can get some good money back on clothing and simplify your closet at the same time.


This is a great site for selling unused or old cars that you have parked around the house. The great part is that as a seller, you aren’t slapped with any listing fees and you don’t have to pay any commissions to use their service. It is a pretty good alternative to getting a trade-in value on cars you own free and clear, as private sales often tend to lend themselves to a better sales price.


Valorebooks specializes in buying and selling used textbooks at discount prices, giving you an opportunity to get rid of old textbooks that your college or university didn’t want to buy back, which happens pretty frequently. The best part is that you upload the textbooks’ ID numbers and Valorebooks makes you an offer – no listing or selling.


This is by far the site I recommend above all others if you want to make a business out of selling used items. Wealthy Affiliate is slightly different from the other sites mentioned because it isn’t a platform where you list items or receive monetary offers. Instead, it is a membership which provides you with all the information you need to make an online business, including how to create and market a website. It can help you learn how to buy junk low and sell it high on a long-term basis to sustain your other passions and interests, perhaps even allowing you to quit your full-time job and work solely from home. The sky is the limit with the potential you can access with Wealthy Affiliate. To learn more about them, click here!

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