How to Sell Video Games Online

If you are a gamer, you already know there is a lot of money in the video gaming industry. New games and consoles can end up costing hundreds of dollars, and the big companies like Microsoft and Sony are pocketing millions every year. With as much money circulating around, you would think there would be some way you could also get in on a piece of the action and make a little extra money selling video games yourself – and you would be right! There are actually several opportunities for people just like you to sell video games online and make some money by establishing your own online business. If you are simply looking for a site where you can sell used video games, this article could still be for you, but rather than tell you where to sell video games online, I want to teach you how; more specifically: how to build an entire business around video games that will make a killing. If you are a gamer and want to make some good money, consider these time-tested and proven steps to creating an online business selling video games.

Step 1: Your Business Plan

You can certainly make an online business buying used video games cheap and marking them up high or just selling off the video games you personally play after you beat them. The problem with this approach, however, is that you will run out of time, money, and resources and will likely experience very little reward. The truth is that the used video game market, despite how many video games are out there, is not very lucrative. Used video games depreciate in value, and those that are really valuable are hard to come by and tend to be vintage games that you end up paying a fortune for anyway.

What is the better approach then? The answer is clear and simple: affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is selling other company’s stuff and they give you a cut of the sale. There are tons of affiliate marketing companies you can turn to, too. Just type in “video game affiliate marketing” and see what comes up. After you research a few, choose one you would like to work with and you can be well on your way to making some serious passive income.

As a quick plug, why affiliate marketing?

  1. You don’t ever have to touch the video games
  2. You don’t ship or worry about returns
  3. You don’t have to worry about inventory
  4. You have virtually no monetary risk because you don’t buy anything.

Sound enticing? Keep reading.

Step 2: Your Website

All you have to do after you set up your affiliate marketing campaign is create a website that you can funnel people to with SEO and paid advertising. Not quite sure what that means or how to build a website? That is okay – this article I wrote explains a program I have used in the past that helps you achieve ultimate success in this area.

Step 3: Your Market

After you set up your website, you use it to target people looking for video games to buy. It’s as easy as that. People are already searching for video games, so with the right marketing tactics, you will be able to give gamers what they want and make money in the process.

Your Next Step

Intrigued about how to do all of this? Click here to learn about an affiliate marketing program called “Wealthy Affiliate” to help you get started.

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