How to Sell Online Gift Cards

Gift cards – you know, those things your grandma always gets you for Christmas and you think, “Where did you even get this?” Selling gift cards online is actually a big industry, and if you didn’t know that you could sell online gift cards before, just know there are sites that will buy back your gift cards for about 70% to 80% of the gift card’s original value. While that is cool and all, those ways are old and already explored, so this article focuses on something different. I want to take another approach to selling gift cards online that not many people think of but is probably substantially better for your bottom line, and it will certainly give you more than 70% back on your card. What I am talking about is creating an online enterprise, of sorts, to sell you gift cards.

Selling Your Gift Cards Online

Many of us get gift cards for different occasions, but what I recommend, especially to someone that doesn’t want a gift card they received to a certain place, is to sell it on your own website. You can create a site, even just a single page site, that sells your gift cards and helps you to turn the card into real cash. You can build such a site for free, such as setting up a website below, or you can use an existing website you own to create a separate page completely dedicated to selling even a singular gift card as it comes available to you. Sign up below to get started:

Why This Way?

So you may be thinking, “Why should I do that when there is already a platform I can use out there that will help me sell my gift cards quickly?” Two reasons: 1) like I already mentioned, you can’t make as much money on your gift cards with companies, which can take a pretty big chunk out of your profits, and 2) it’s not actually any slower to create your own website and put up a little marketing behind it. Creating a single page where people can buy your card and putting it up online takes just as much time as selling it on any other site. The real reason to consider the build-your-own-site option is because it allows you complete control over the cost of the card, and you can make closer to 90% or 95% on your money, which is about 35% more money than other sites with just about the same amount of work.

How to Get Started

There is a great tool anyone can use if they are interested in pursuing this somewhat unconventional, but effective, course. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate, and it teaches you everything you need to know about setting up a website and marketing it so you can sell to people looking for gift cards. Ultimately, if you get a taste for selling gift cards online, you may be interested in starting a different type of online business, and this training program can teach you how. For all things online-selling related, I fully recommend this site.

Now that you know what to do and the options you have available to you, go out and sell those gift cards. Grandma will never know 😉

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