How to Sell Online for Profit

The potential to create wealth online is endless. There are literally thousands of ways and opportunities the internet allows average people, people like you who are reading this, to make a lot of money. While there are tales of fortunes that abound across the interweb, there are just as many stories about scams and warnings against the potential to lose money as well.

If you are reading this article, chances are you are interested in learning how to sell online to make money or to earn a profit. Whether you are looking to simply make a little side money or quit your full time job, you are probably wondering what steps you should take, what tools you should utilize, and how to make a fortune with as little monetary investment as possible, to ensure that the risk of starting an online entrepreneuring adventure is mitigated.

I have good news and bad news. I will start with the bad news. What I have to offer is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Most get-rich-quick ideas are illegitimate, either because they are indeed scams or because they operate illegally. It is hard to wrap our heads around, unfortunately, but the way to generate a real, sustained income is the story of the Tortoise and the Hare: slow and steady wins the race. Anyone selling you differently is a bunch of garbage.

Second piece of bad news: making money takes a lot of time and effort. A lot of people want to believe or try to sell others on the idea that making real online passive income is a piece of cake, and you barely have to lift a finger in order to make things happen. Granted, we aren’t living in a day and age anymore where everyone has to engage in factory labor or physically demanding occupations out on a farm. Using the computer and your internet everyday certainly isn’t nearly as demanding as those physical jobs, but you will still have to invest a LOT of time before you can expect to see success. For some, it’s true, success in selling online comes quickly, but it still required a lot of time to do it. For others it may be a little longer of a process, but either way, expect to get out of your online selling pursuits what you put in.

Okay, now for the good news! The good news is that if you have the motivation and drive to make money selling online, with the right training, you can make a steady flow of passive income.

More good news: if you follow the time-test and proven steps for success, overtime you can expect the wealth you have always dreamed of. It can be very motivating and rewarding planning to pay off your student loan debt, medical bills from having children, buying your house outright, getting a reliable vehicle or two, having money to travel, or having the means to provide you and your loved ones with anything else you want. The potential is there, and if you are ready to learn it, I am ready to teach it.

The rest of this article will cover four main points. The first three deal the logistics of setting up an online business of your own. I will teach you actionable steps you can follow right now, and most of what I suggest to you is totally free. The last main point is a completely different approach to selling online, so it deserves its own section. However, that fourth point will also utilize the other three main points, all of which will give your a crystal clear idea to set up an online presence that will initiate your selling for profit. So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump into it.

Choose a Product to Sell

The very first thing you will want to do to start an online money-making venture is decide on what you are going to sell. The great news about the internet is that nearly 3 or more billion people are your potential customer base, so a group of people somewhere out there is going to be interested in whatever you sell. Some products will inherently be more successful than others, however, so choosing the right one for you may take a little time and effort.

To inspire some ideas of products that you could sell, start by making a list of things you like and interests you have. Anything works, even if there isn’t a specific product idea in it. After you take a moment to do that, go back and list out any products that may be associated with these interests. Think digital products or potential training courses as well. If you can’t think of anything, that’s okay. You will have plenty of time to refine your product ideas until you are ready to take it to the world wide web. Take a moment to write out what you are most passionate about before you keep reading.

Once you have a good list of hobbies, passions, activities, or other things you enjoy or would love to sell, do some research. Do the products you listed exist? Is there only one brand that is dominating? Could it be offered for cheaper? Could it be offered with better quality? Could it be revamped? Try to think about these questions to mold a potential item you could sell. If what you want to sell already exists, that’s okay too. Not all new product ideas have to be unique.

The following ideas will help you recognize when you stumble upon a good product idea:

  • Specific to a niche: You want to narrow down the 3 billion potential customers to a few very dedicated ones. This will improve your chances of actually making a sale.
  • Digital is best: If you come up with a digital product, such as an ebook or online course, these are often the best types of products because they are free to distribute and often free to make. You make 100% profit every time because there is no physical cost involved beyond your time.
  • Smaller is better: If you think of a physical product, try to make them smaller in actual size. Smaller is easier and cheaper to ship than big and bulky.
  • Make sure the price point is worth it: If the product is naturally high-priced because of time/labor, be sure that people are willing to buy them for that high-price. Just research the going rate and how much it might be for an individual to product them to make sure the price isn’t going to off put potential customers.
  • Steady buyers: You want to sell to people who will return to your product again and again. Dollar Shave Club is successful because everyone needs another razor the following month. They have a consistent stream of buyers keeping them in business.

What are some bad ideas?

  • Things that require high-quality/warranty: Not that you should expect to sell crap on the internet, but you want to avoid machinery or other high-performance items because they require a lot more fussiness that you won’t want to deal with from your home office.
  • Things sold by big outlets: If you can find it commonly in stores or popular outlets like Walmart and Best Buy, you have no chance of making money. Your idea has to be unique enough that it isn’t offered everywhere.
  • Anything with trademarks: Anything trademarked or owned by another company, like Star Wars or Disney princess related products will be in violation of the law, so avoid them.

This should give you enough to work with. As long as you are interested in your product and it can offer a group of specific people value time and time again, you will probably be successful.

Getting Your Product Online

Once you have decided on a good product to sell, it is time to turn to the web. The first thing you will want to do is get a custom domain name and set up a website solely dedicated to and centered around your product. The way to do this is very simple, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, if any.

The first thing you will want to do is buy a domain that relates to your product or brand you are trying to establish. If you are selling informational videos on how to cook Indian food, for example, you can consider simply domain names like “” or something catchier like “”. The name you choose doesn’t necessarily matter in the long run, but choosing a name to establish a brand is both fun and necessary to get started with your online pursuits.

After you choose a domain name, you have to see if it is registered. If it is, you will have to choose another one. If it is available, then great! You can sign up immediately. How do you find if these domain names are available or not? You simply go to a domain registry and hosting company, and they can do it for you all in one. I first and foremost recommend They offer a free site for anyone with free and easy WordPress management. The caveat: it isn’t entirely unique. It comes with a after your domain name, but again, the domain name isn’t the most important part.

They also offer WordPress management and hosting for a distinct domain names as well, you just have to pay a little bit extra. This is going to be the case almost anywhere you go. If you want a free site, your domain won’t be completely unique. If you want a unique domain name, you have to pay for it. I simply recommend Wealthy Affiliate because they offer a lot more than just website hosting.

If you are ready to take the plunge, just sign up below!

As a side not for anyone not familiar with WordPress: WordPress is a platform that easily lets you create a website and a blog within a manner of a few clicks. If you aren’t sure what type of design you want, simply look through their templates or at other sites that market only one product to see what they did and to emulate their style.

Marketing the Product

This is where the rubber really meets the road. You have a product. You have a website dedicated to it. Now, you need to get people to visit and buy your product.

The first thing you want to do, and this is an ongoing process, is to create landing pages and blogs associated with your product. Landing pages are specific pages people will find when they search for your product. The blog is a dedicated section of the site dedicated to unique ideas about your product and the industry you are associated with. You will probably want to create a blog/landing page once a week or more, if you are able. Your writing doesn’t have to be great; it just has to be there so Google will put your site in its index and other will be able to find you.

One you build a blog and some good pages relating to your product, your next marketing efforts are based on two factors: search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising.

SEO is a free way to generate traffic and potential sales to your site. Entire careers are based on this subject, so there is a lot you will want to unearth, but I will give you the basics. People search on Google for almost anything they want to learn or to buy. How does Google know how to deliver the right content to you? They do it by identifying keywords, words you use in your content that lets the search engine know what your site is all about.

Returning to our example from earlier, if you are selling courses on how to cook Indian food, you would want Google to know what your site is about so when someone types in “how to cook Indian food” into Google, your site will hopefully come up. “How to cook Indian food” is your keyword, and you want to make sure that you create a landing page entirely based around that keyword which focuses on your courses. What if they type in “Indian masala recipes from home”? You would still need another page that targets that keyword, centered around your product. Make sure these keywords appear in the title of your page, the URL of your page, the first heading of your page, and in the meta description.

You also want to build/find links. This is such a tedious process, but building/finding links shows Google that you’re product is popular and wanted, so type in a search about how to find/build links and any source you pull up will be good about telling you what you want to know. Wealthy Affiliate will also teach you all about links and how to get them for your site when you sign up for a free trial.

The second way to market is by doing paid advertising. You can pay places like search engines and Facebook to do targeting advertisements of your product to people who are genuinely interested or looking for what you are offering. If they search in Google, your listing comes up nearly as number one. If they are surfing Facebook, they automatically appear based on previous interest they have shown. This is largely effective, but it does cost money for everyone who clicks on your ad, so make sure you only buy what you can afford to spend.

After enough content is built out, SEO is implement, and paid advertisements are rolling, your website will start generating you leads and real sales which will turn into a passive income month after month.

A Complete 180

This is the last section about how to sell online for profit, and it is a twist of sorts on everything we have already covered. What is this magical twist I am talking about? Affiliate marketing! If you want to make profit online but don’t want to be responsible for your own product, you don’t have to be. You can be a marketer for someone else’s product as an affiliate. When you make a sale of someone else’s product, you get paid a royalty or commission for it. In time, this can end up sustaining you without you ever needing to worry about a product of your own.

Looking for an affiliate sponsor entails the same things you do to create profit from your own products. You will need to choose something you are interested in, create a website around it, and market that website to potential customers.

The best type of affiliate marketing is one where you get paid on a monthly basis as your customers maintain a membership. This gives you recurring payments year round, and it is compounded as more and more people buy the product.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to help those starting out get a hang of selling online, and the chances to make money are astonishing, so it is worth consideration. I recommend, once again, Wealthy Affiliate because their program is nearly endless and they have excellent payout benefits when people use their products.

It’s Up To You

I probably mentioned a lot of things that, if you are new to this game, you probably didn’t understand. I encourage you to search those things, sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, and take the actionable steps I gave you in this article. I want you to succeed, so jump in and enjoy the journey to a financial pursuit I know you will enjoy to make you profit online.

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