How to Sell Online for Free

When it comes to selling stuff online, you don’t have to be tied down by the Squarespace or WooCommerce mentality of forking over money to buy their services and products when you haven’t even made a dime off your own stuff yet. The truth is there is a better way, a free way to sell online. In fact, there are several ways, and you don’t need to be bound by sales platforms to get into it. Consider some of these other great options for selling online and how you can take advantage of these awesome opportunities to jump-start your online business.

1. Amazon

Amazon is not only for big merchants and store chains. Amazon caters just as much to the smaller individuals and businesses that are trying to make a living selling things online. They take a small cut of the profit of each sale, which is often pennies in comparison to your capital gains, but that is it! They don’t charge you for using their service. Whether you want to sell physical products you sell in a brick and mortar store or want to get involved in the drop shipping scene, Amazon is definitely a good place to start.

2. Etsy

While Amazon is suited to any general audience of product sellers, Etsy is more or less geared toward crafters and people who are looking to sell more art-based items online. They are also great for people looking to sell vintage items, whether they are truly antique or made new in a vintage style. Etsy also charges fees for each sale, much like Amazon, but they even provide you with your own virtual “shop” that can even be indexed on Google. You have the ability to customize and personalize your space with this shop, and it is a go-to for anyone who has an eye for crafts, design, or materials used to make them.

3. Craigslist

There is a somewhat negative stigma surrounding Craigslist because of its tendency to pop up with spammy listing, but the reality of Craigslist is that it works great for anyone looking to sell online locally, and many small businesses have effectively used it to promote their services and brand with no trouble. What’s more, any listing on Craigslist is free. The only drawback is that your transactions will have to take place in person, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it could be tedious if you aren’t a local merchant but are selling things out of your home.

More Places Where You Can Sell Online for Free

There are several other places where you can sell online for free, such as websites like Bonanza, eBid, eBay, Bonanza, and more. Check these out if you are interested, but there is one more place I would like to share with you: your own website! I am a big advocate of building your own website for free and using it to propel your business forward. It is easy, and contrary to popular belief, it can be free. With the right know-how, you need only market your website where people will come and purchase your stuff. You can run an ecommerce business easily even if you aren’t techy, or you can expand into drop shipping or my personal favorite, affiliate marketing. For more information on this, click this link and start your path to making a sustainable online business.

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