How to Sell Online Besides Ebay

A lot of people who want to start making passive income online think Ebay or other established online marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon are the only way to make money. While it is true that Ebay was once the gold standard when it came to making money online, it isn’t that way anymore, which is good new for you! You have just as much of a chance, if not more, of a making a fortune selling on your own site as you do using online marketplaces such as Ebay. To get started making money, follow these three tested and true steps on how to sell online besides using Ebay.

1. Your Own Online Marketplace

The first and most important step to selling online isn’t creating the perfect product, it isn’t about investing a lot of money, and it certainly isn’t about finding the perfect platform to sell your goods, such as Ebay. In fact, to be an effective online seller you don’t even need a product of your own if you don’t have one, startup with an online business can be free, and you don’t actually need Ebay or another market platform to be successful. All you need is a website! A website gives you a place where you can market your products, engage with your visitors, and interact with potential customers to convert them into real sales. The best part is that is completely free!

Sounds too good to be true, but it really is as easy as entering a domain name you want and setting up your website in a few simple clicks. Don’t wait! Before you even keep reading this article, sign up for a website of your own. You have nothing to lose and the process is simple.

2. People Are Your Real Business

Imagine that you already have your own thriving, online business. Imagine that people are pouring into your site because they know what you are selling can help them. Imagine how their lives will be different just because they visited your website. That is what selling online is all about. People are the lifeblood of your success, and your role is going to be getting as many people to your site as you can so they can realize for themselves how your product will change their lives forever. That’s an amazing thought, right!?

Second to creating a website is getting people to visit it. This step is all about finding the right people interested in what you are selling and channeling them to your products. How do you do this? Start by getting the right training at, where other successful online entrepreneurs will be able to teach you the tips and secrets of getting people to visit your site, all without needing to use Ebay to do it!

3. Let Your Business Thrive

After you set up your website and make a few initial sales, you will want to continue to improve. The last step of your online selling process without using Ebay will be to reach out to more and more people who may be interested in your product. If you keep growing your online business, the more opportunity you will have to truly make a passive income.

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You Can Do It Without Ebay

You don’t need Ebay or anything else to make the passive income you have always dreamed about. You can do it with your own website, a little learning, and some diligent work. To help you on your way, I am even willing to guide you and walk right there with you as you take your first steps. Reach out to me on Wealth Affiliate or leave me a comment below to get help. Otherwise, follow these steps and get going on what could be the thrill of a lifetime.

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