How to Sell Online Aquarium Fish

There are several things you may want to know if you stumbled upon this page. One of them might be that you have aquarium fish on hand and you want to sell them online so you can get rid of them. Another might be that you are interested in the the process of selling aquarium fish in general, and you were looking to see what online resources were available. Perhaps you even want to start an online business selling aquarium fish. Regarding the first two points, there aren’t many sites that are dedicated specifically to the public to sell their own aquarium fish and if you are looking for general resources on aquarium fish selling, this is probably not going to be a helpful article. Today, our writing is focused solely on how to create an online business out of selling aquarium fish, and how, if this is your passion, you can create a lucrative entrepreneurship doing it.

How to Start

There are essentially three basic components of setting up any online business. The first is that you have to determine what you want to sell. The second is that you have to create a website. The third is that you drive people to your website so they buy your product. This process takes time of course, but all internet businesses function in these varying capacities. The good thing is that if you are interested in selling aquarium fish as part of your online venture, all you need to do is find out how or where you are going to get the fish. If you are a supplier yourself, you probably already have a good idea, but if you are simply interested in aquarium fish and don’t necessarily breed them yourself, you will have to find someone that can provide them for your business. Another option is affiliate marketing, meaning that you can sell someone else’s fish and they are willing to pay you a cut of the profit.

Starting the Website

For a lot of people, even those who use computers and internet, starting a website can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. There are free platforms that allow you to make a website and register a domain name. Just check out the box below.

 Your website is your money-maker, where people come to buy your aquarium fish, so if you want to sell successfully, this is the best way to do it.


The most arduous/time-consuming task is going to be marketing your site and driving people who are interested to purchase fish from you. The process of marketing is straightforward, but there is a lot to learn about the big picture and even nuanced stuff. Check out this link to get more info on how to do online marketing and specifically align it for aquarium fish.

Get Started

Engaging in online entrepreneurship is both fun and rewarding. If aquarium fish is your niche, nothing is stopping you from enjoying your passion and letting those dollars flow in, so start today! Those fish aren’t going to sell themselves!

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