How to Sell Online and Make Money

There are several ways that you can go about making money online. In fact, this entire website is dedicated to showing you how. But with all of the methods people are preaching out there, which ones are the most effective at making money, and which ones are the best for your current situation in life. That is what this article will endeavor to cover. I want to show you several of the methods that are available to you to sell online and make money, but unlike other sites, I will show you a rating and detail for you specifically how good each is at making money and how they may fit for your lifestyle.

1. Selling Products on Amazon

One of the many ways that people recommend making money online is using to sell different products. There are generally two ways to approach this, though there are some other schemes out there that show you other ways to utilize Amazon for a profit.

The first way I will mention is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, in case you are unfamiliar, is where you market another person’s or company’s product. For every sale you generate, they pay you a commission or royalty. You can become an affiliate rather easily; you just need a website where you can begin generating traffic interested in the product you are selling. After some time and effort building out your website, more and more people will be funneled to your site and buy the product you are promoting, generating you more and more sales commissions.

The second way to utilize Amazon is to sell actual products. The products can be digital, like ebooks, or physical such as laptops or shower sandals. The idea is that you supply the product and Amazon takes care of the rest. They charge a fee for each sale or about 40 dollars a month to list on their site, but with enough sales, you will be making enough money to cover their expenses.

What is the money-making potential? Pretty good, especially if you are willing to dedicate time to either of these approaches. With either of them, you probably shouldn’t expect to see success overnight, but they are both avenues that could help you make some serious cash. They also allow flexibility, so if you are working from home for an hour a day or want to dedicate your career to it, you can either way. The rate of success will just be different depending on your dedication level.

Good Startup Costs: 8/10 (good for affiliate marketers, but some sellers need capital to buy their products upfront before they begin selling)
Money-Making Prospect: 8/10 (if you are diligent)
Flexible: 10/10

2. Creating an Online Store

If selling on Amazon isn’t necessarily your thing, there is another way to sell products online: just create your own store. A lot of e-commerce sites exist because they sell products directly from their own site, but even if you use another type of sales platform, you can create your website dedicated to a product or product line and drive sales directly from your site.

The idea is that you first create a site, market the site, and strive for steady streams of visitors to your site who will ultimately buy what you are selling. There are a few steps to this process, which is why I recommend reading this article which I wrote which more clearly explains this concept.

The startup costs involved in an online store of your probably seem daunting, but in reality, they are very minimal. In fact, depending on how you approach it, your site could even be free and your product could be something that you produced and can distribute for a low cost, as is the case with information products or if you want to do affiliate marketing, where you wouldn’t have to put up any money for a product at all. If you decide to sell physical products, it could potentially grow more expensive. The potential to make money is another long-game strategy, but over time you can expect to see the same type of reward you might encounter selling on Amazon. The benefit of you own online store: you actually own it and have access to all creative rights, if that is important to you.

Good Startup Costs: 8/10 (good for affiliate marketers and information product sellers)
Money-Making Prospect: 8/10 (again, if you are diligent)
Flexible: 10/10

3. Selling on Facebook

Selling on Facebook happens to be another avenue for making money online that thousands of people and articles rave about. After my own analysis, I can honestly conclude that, while it is a great potential revenue stream, it isn’t anything more or less special than creating your own website and selling a product. With Facebook’s apps and tools, you are able to set up an ecommerce site which will help you sell products, and your approach for marketing will essentially be the same as creating any website selling any product. The main drawback I see, however, is that is doesn’t offer the same flexibility for online sellers to promote informational or digital products, such as courses or ebooks. The products are often physical products, which means you have to have inventory of some type of physical product or selling on Facebook won’t really work for you.

Good Startup Costs: 5/10 (it takes a good amount of investment to get started)
Money-Making Prospect: 8/10
Flexible: 7/10

4. Create a Blog

Successful bloggers can make a lot of money and get a lot of free products just by writing on a certain topic people want to read about. How is this done? You can approach it a couple of ways. No matter which avenue you choose, you must start with a blog. Write a blog about topics that you are interested in which other people are interested in too. You may want to consider thinking of something that doesn’t yet exist out there in the same way to make your blog stand out and make it unique. For instance, there are many blogs about raising your children, but there aren’t very many which talk about the best child technological devices on a regular basis. By simply writing something unique, you can add to conversation in a way people will find new and interesting.

The first way to make money is by getting paid advertisements on your site. Once you have enough monthly visitors consistently, you can sign up for services like Google adsense where marketers will pay you to place ads for their products on your site.

The second way to make money is to write for people who sponsor a post. If your blog is performing well enough, other marketers will often want a link from your site back to theirs. They are also willing to pay you to write a post for them linking back to their site. Some really good bloggers can do this by writing a 500 word article and charge upwards of 300 to 500 dollars just for that article with a link. You have to be pretty good at what you do to make this work, though, or to get people to pay you that much. Even if it were 50 dollars, that is still a pretty good chunk of cash (about a dollar for every ten words). Likewise, other marketers often send free products, sometimes very expensive products, to bloggers so they can write a post about it with a link, hopefully to drive traffic back to their own product. So not only can you make easy money, you can also get a lot of free stuff from your blog.

Good Startup Costs: 9/10 (it is totally free unless you want to buy and host your blog on a distinct domain).
Money-Making Prospect: 7/10 (your content has to be really engaging and interesting, though, enough to get continual visitors to your site every month)
Flexible: 10/10

5. Taking Surveys

The four previous ideas for making money online are really focused on creating an online business, but what if you just want to make a little money on the side without worrying about creating a business venture that takes a long time to start seeing results? Taking surveys may be an option. There are hundreds of survey sites out there that are willing to pay someone like you to take their surveys. You can get real cash for your opinions or simply for sharing a little information about yourself (nothing very personal, of course). A survey can land you anywhere between a few cents up to 100 dollars at times, but your best bet will be to find a site that makes it easy for you to take a survey and make some extra cash any time you want.

Good Startup Costs: 10/10 (these are absolutely free to start; if someone wants a startup fee first, it is probably a scam)
Money-Making Prospect: 6/10 (you can make money, but it isn’t a long-term strategy and the amounts may be small for the)
Flexible: 10/10

6. Sell Your Stuff

There is only so much stuff you have to sell off, but some online sites make it really easy to do if you are looking to get rid of possessions for a little extra cash. Sites like the notorious Ebay are great for this, but you can also now find community Facebook buy sell and trade groups and well as use Craigslist. There are some obvious drawbacks to this, of course. It isn’t long-term for gaining wealth. You can’t establish yourself as a trusted seller. Success usually only follows people who sell one item at a time at different times (so if you make crochet dolls, for instance, you probably won’t be able to build up a customer base where people expect you to post so they can get their hands on one each time it goes up for sale). You are limited to dealing with people directly, usually in cash. This is difficult to do, for sure, but if you have some stuff you need to get rid of, it can be more lucrative than simply throwing them away.

Good Startup Costs: 10/10
Money-Making Prospect: 3/10
Flexible: 10/10

7. Selling Your Time and Talents

There are other sites that will pay you to spend your time and talents on different projects. Sites like Fiverr or Amazon’s Mechanical Turk allow you to sell your time and talents to other people who are in need of it. The problem with this is that it is often on the buyer’s timetable and the amount of money you can get for your work is essentially pennies. It is good for a little extra cash, especially if it is easy to do, but it often doesn’t become worth your time.

Good Startup Costs: 10/10 (these are absolutely free to start; if someone wants a startup fee first, it is probably a scam)
Money-Making Prospect: 2/10 (you can make money, but it isn’t a long-term strategy and the amounts may be small for the)
Flexible: 5/10

8. Wealthy Affiliate

I saved what I consider to be the best for last. Wealthy Affiliate is an online community of over 800,000 entrepreneurs who have knowledge and expertise in the world of making money online. In this community, you can find thousands of hours of training material, both reading and video, and you can access anyone who has come before you to get success. They also offer tools you can use to increase your website presence and help expedite the long process of jump starting an online business. Plus, they even offer affiliate marketing opportunities, which is in and of itself really cool. This has by far been the best resource I have used to make money online, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in jumpstarting their career with online sales. The startup cost is free, but there is a membership fee after a week trial if you want to continue. However, the fee is marginal, as most will agree, when compared to how much you are getting in return. You can check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here!

Good Startup Costs: 10/10
Money-Making Prospect: 10/10
Flexible: 10/10

You Know What to Do

You have a lot of information to make the right decision about what would work best for you and your online money-making pursuits. Now go out there and make it rain.

12 thoughts on “How to Sell Online and Make Money

  1. Thanks for this helpful article. I agree that people nowadays are looking for ways to supplement their income and selling online is one of the options. I have seen friends succeed selling stuff online, that got me interested doing the same.

    Reading through your article, I wonder if #8 is the just the same of #4? Because, I’ve seen members of Wealthy Affiliate operate successful blogs.

    • They are very similar. Wealthy affiliate is a great platform that teach one how to be successful as a blogger among other things as well.

  2. I have been down the selling route before, I used eBay to which we made money from selling all our unwanted items however it’s a laborious job and you have to be consistent to make regular income, fab for making money out of your unwanted items however but whether there’s potential for purchasing wholesale then selling retail on eBay in order to make a long-term business this way I’m not sure.

    I joined your 8th way, Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to build up a genuine affiliate marketing business. This is by far the cheapest way in my view to start-up a business after being down the traditional high street route accompanied by all their expenses. Here you’ve only one cost, that’s the hosting which is minuscule compared.

    However it’s no get rich quick scheme, mind you do these exist? It requires dedication and determination to keep plugging away implementing what’s shown but it’s pretty basic, great fun and hopefully one day income will flow through automatically,

    • Affiliate marketing does seem to come with this bad reputation of scams and get rich schemes. However, it does take a lot of hard work and time to be successful. If one doesn’t give up and continues on the path, they are bound to find success. 

  3. Thank you for this post, it has given me some ideas on how to make money online. I think I still need to do some more research though. Two things caught my eye blogging and affiliate Marketing. Can you point me in the right direction to learn more about these two opportunities?

    • I’d recommend taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about blogging and affiliate marketing. They are really good at teaching you how to get everything set up as well as how to write engaging and interesting content.

  4. Now that was a good read and thank you for posting this article. I was very impressed with the way in which you laid out the various ways to make money online. Most of them will require some sort of training so your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate really peaked my interest.

    I shall check them out immediately,


    • The hardest thing about making money with any job or business is gaining the necessary knowledge to be successful. Wealthy affiliate is great because you can learn affiliate marketing while you earn.

  5. These are all great ideas and a good overview for someone who would like to start making money online. I think that if you have some money to invest then maybe selling on amazon or creating a Facebook or online store would be a great idea.
    Affiliate marketing would be my first choice if I had no money to invest. This can be done totally for free, All you need is access to a computer and internet.
    I have tried making money via surveys but generally speaking it is difficult to make any serious money with them. Usually you earn better money per hour with a regular job.

    • Surveys can be extremely difficult to make money with, but not impossible. It is not a full time income by any means, however. Affiliate marketing really is a great route to take for little to no upfront investment and is a good way to get your feet wet in the internet marketing world.

  6. Hi there. I was just reading through your article about making money online and thought I would just drop you a quick comment to offer my thoughts.

    I have tried various things over the years to make money online. I started of trying to make money with sites that claim to pay you for watching videos or clicking on ads. That was completely hopeless.

    I also moved onto trying paid surveys, which you mention here. Perhaps I was using the wrong sites but my experience with surveys was not good! I spent hours filling in questions only to find that I had been scammed by a website that never pay out. I hear there are lots of them out there.

    This Wealthy Affiliate thing sounds interesting. Could you tell me more about it? How long would it take me to make money with it?

    • Andrew, There are countless scams out there and have stumbled across a few myself. Wealthy Affiliate is essential a place to learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer. I personally have a background in internet marketing and I have still learn a ton from Wealthy Affiliate. The time it takes to make money with Wealthy Affiliate varies so greatly it is difficult to say how long it would take, but I have heard some people having success in their first month to those that didn’t make their first sale till 6 months later. It just takes a consistent effort and I believe anyone can be successful at Wealthy Affiliate. 

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