How to Sell Online Advertising Space

Online advertising refers to the advertisements certain businesses place on different websites with the hope of turning that website’s visitors into potential customers who will buy their product or services. Online advertising is a highly lucrative venture, and thousands of companies are looking to take advantage of its great benefits, even on small websites that don’t generate a lot of traffic. That’s right! Even small websites with fewer visitors can make it big selling advertising space online. With the right know and a set of steps, learn how to sell online advertising space to start making a passive income.

1. Start with the Website

You may be thinking, “That’s crazy. Why would anyone be interested in a small website to promote their brand? I could never get to a point where enough people would be interested in that.” Big and small companies alike, however, do indeed use small websites to promote their business because they know smaller visitor bases lead to higher conversion rates, and the first thing you will need is a website of your own.

By signing up for a free website above, you won’t even need capital to start. Simply choose a topic or idea about which you are passionate, and you are well on your way to collecting a stream of checks businesses will pay you each month just to put their ad on your site.

2. Get People to Visit

Most businesses are only interested in purchasing ad space if you have enough people visit your site on a consistent basis. The number of visitors depends, of course, on each business, but most require at least 600 to 1000 to start. This may seem high, but it isn’t hard to do. It takes an initial time investment, but with enough help from people like me at wealthy affiliate, you too can learn the steps you will need to take to get there. Once you have enough people visiting and interacting on your site, all it takes is signing up with ad providers or reaching out to different companies expressing your interest in marketing for them. To get started with this process, online communities such as Wealthy Affiliate can help!

3. Let it Grow

The more you grow you website, the more companies will want to pay you to advertise their products and services. Growing your website is a fine art that takes business and patience, but you aren’t alone in your journey.

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Get Started Now!

If you have questions and are excited to get started selling online ad space, make sure to leave a comment below and I can talk you through what you need to do. You have a lot of support and help waiting for you today, so get started making your dreams come true with passive income from selling online advertising space!

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