How to Sell Knowledge Online

You are a knowledgeable person. It’s true. You have experiences and other things you know which no one else in the world has, and what you know is valuable. So valuable, in fact, that people are even willing to pay you money for it.

The internet is loaded with information. You have access to a lot of ideas, history, technology, educational courses, and more at the tip of your fingers. People are thirsty for knowledge, but the vast amount of free knowledge the internet contains actually created a great business model for people who want to make money off of the knowledge they have. People are willing to pay for knowledge that is organized and easy to access that addresses their needs because the internet lacks that organization or easy access. Even when we stumble across good information, we feel it lacks integrity if it looks like the site is stuck in the 90s. This article will show you some awesome potential for selling knowledge online and why people are willing to pay for information even when so much is available at the click of a button.

What to Sell and How It Works

Like I stated above: people are willing to pay for information that is organized, designed well, and answers their problems. A lot of information we pay for is often available online with one crucial problem – you have to spend a lot of time researching it. You get a piece of relevant information here and another piece there, and with enough time, you can learn everything you need to know. The problem with that is that people want their information faster, and they want to believe they are getting it from a credible source. Knowing this, it’s easy to see what is already out there, where the holes are, and what you can do to make that information more accessible to those who are looking for it.

We aren’t talking about quick questions you can ask Siri or answers that will pop up in Google snippets at the top of the search results. Those are easy to answer. What we’re talking about is full subjects of content, i.e. “how to become a web developer” or “how to build my own business online” or “restoring a truck older than 1980”. Those types of larger concepts have information on them across the internet, but they aren’t the complete picture and chances are a lot of it is only found in uncredible forums, bad websites no one wants to read, or are simply not complete website to website.

How You Fit into the Picture

You have knowledge about things people want to know and are willing to buy. When it comes to selling this information online, consider the following steps:

  1. Identify something you know or information you would like people to have better access to.
  2. Do your research to see what is already out there. Identify holes and how you could improve them as one, complete resource people would want to buy.
  3. Consider the format you want to provide this information. Maybe people have to sign up on a website to have access. Maybe you create an ebook. Perhaps it would be best presented through video. No matter which you choose, you can expect it to be pretty cheap to put together, though there is some time investment to actually create the information.
  4. Get started on to improve your business.
  5. Create a website where you promote the information.
  6. Do some online marketing to get tons of visitors who want to buy your information.
  7. Make money.

I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate in step 4. This is an online community of successful entrepreneurs who are willing to help you make money selling information online. This website is crucial for anyone starting as an online entrepreneur because they have all the training and tools you need to build an informational business empire that could make you really good money. For more information about how to start a business like this, click here.

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