How to Sell Kittens Online

The internet has a few sites where you can buy and sell pets, but interestingly, they can only be bought and sold for pleasure and not to make a profit. There are some areas of grey as to what this actually means, but general consensus states that you probably can’t buy a pet for a low price, markup the price, and resell it. There are concerns about ethics when it comes to selling pets, and certain states have laws which regulate the sales of pets online. With these precautions, regulations, and area of moral gray, it is likely better to avoid selling kittens online. The better approach would be to put advertisements in your local newspapers or Facebooks groups.

This might be kind of a bummer to read for anyone coming to this site wanting to start a business selling kittens, even if you have good intentions. I am aware of that, though, which is why I want to propose another solution for selling online that may still be up your alley cat.

Selling Pet-Related Items Online

Though I have not seen people personally buy and sell pets online, I have known entrepreneurs who have started online businesses selling pet-specific products. The way they do it, which is what I recommend every beginning online business owner does, is start with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing refers to placing links, button, and banners on your website which your visitors can click on so they can buy a particular product from another company. That company then pays you a commission for each sale you referred to compensate your marketing efforts.

Applying This to Pets

There are several pet supply companies who offer lucrative affiliate programs for selling their pet products. If you can’t sell kittens online, try selling kitten products instead! All you have to do is perform a Google search for pet product affiliate companies you would want to work with and you can get set up pretty quickly. Just make sure that you find a free affiliate program, as most legitimate ones are.

After you find a pet-related company to sell for, you will need to create a website and learn how to get large amounts of traffic from people who want to buy pet products. This process is, for the most part, straightforward to understand, but there are a lot of parts. That is why I recommend This system.

It is a free online subscription to the best training materials, tools, and community to start, improve, and expand online businesses. If you are new and serious to the internet marketing game, this is an investment that you really need. They teach you specifically how to create a website to maximize profits, how to get interested people to visit your website, and how to turn visitors into real paying customers. This is by far the best program you can use to become an online entrepreneur selling pet-related products.

Start Now

The potential to make money selling pet products as an online business person is endless. Get started today by reading this article and jumpstart your way into a better online business.

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