How to Sell Jewelry Online

A lot of people end up collecting a lot of extra jewelry throughout their lives. From costume jewelry to expensive diamonds, jewelry in its own way identifies us as a society. While it may be fun to have a lot of it, however, one thing anyone can do is turn that jewelry, even the “costume” stuff, into real cash. People even make quite lucrative online businesses selling jewelry. This guide covers the best ways how you can sell jewelry online, both for individual and business purposes. To get started selling right away, click here first or keep reading to see how to turn jewelry into real cash in your bank account.

Sellings Only a Few Items of Jewelry

Many people who are reading this are likely only interested in getting rid of a few pieces of jewelry for some cash, whether this is because of desperate financial times or just because of some good ol’ fashioned spring cleaning. Whatever the case may be, there are some only resources you can always turn to in order to sell your jewelry quickly. Consider some of the following common and trusted sites where you can make this happen:

  1. Amazon
  2. Ebay
  3. Etsy
  4. ArtFire
  5. Bonanza

You will probably be required to pay a small fee with each of these sites, but it is likely marginal compared to the low offers you will get for your jewelry when you try to sell them to jewelers or other second-hand stores. They are trying to make money themselves, so they will often offer you low prices, but selling directly online ensures that you can get close to the value of your jewelry without needing to feel stiffed.

Selling Jewelry Online as a Business

Many other readers are likely interested in selling jewelry as a business on online entrepreneurial exploit but aren’t quite sure how to do it. When it comes to creating an online business, there are a couple of ways to tackle it. The first is that you can sell jewelry that you never have to see or touch. This approach, called affiliate marketing, essentially requires that you set up a website, drive people to the site who are interested in purchasing different items of jewelry, and then turn them over to the actual retailer. The retailer then pays you a commission for every sale of the product they make. This is the approach I recommend to anyone starting out selling jewelry or any other product online because it is super super low risk, it doesn’t cost very much to get started (you can even create your own FREE webiste!), and the rewards are pretty great once you get the ball rolling. has an amazing program that teaches you exactly how to do this, which I recommend everyone checks out if they are starting an online business.

The second way to sell jewelry online as a business is to buy low and sell high. To do this, you will need a bulk supplier who charges low costs at what you will sell the jewelry for so you can actually make a profit. You will also need a website, and you will need to drive as many people as possible to this website so they convert and become a paying customer. This means, like I already mentioned, that you will probably want to check out some training courses on so you don’t waste money on endeavors that don’t yield you results.

Both of these online business ventures, affiliate marketing or buying low selling high, means creating a website, driving people to the website through online marketing tactics, such as SEO and paid advertising, and evaluating the data you collect from your users to see what they like, what they are buying, and how you can keep selling to them over and over and over. Some of you may be thinking “What the — does any of this mean?” or “How do I actually do this?” Again, I recommend using this training course to teach you everything you need to know about getting started.

Anyone needing some more info or wanting to ask a question about anything here should definitely hit me up in the comments below. Taking that initial step to sell jewelry can be difficult, but it is rewarding when you do.

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