How to Sell Jade Online

Jade is a jewel that is steadily increasing in value. Just look at this article by Forbes! Jade, in fact, is even worth about the same or more as gold per ounce, making it a great entrepreneurial opportunity for those looking to pursue selling it online. Individuals who are interested in getting in on the market of selling jade are in luck, as you may just be able to create an online business selling the stuff for a sizable profit. In this guide, I want to cover how you can sell jade online as a potential entrepreneurial prospect and show you the steps you need to take to get in on the market. For those itching to get started selling jade right away, click here to visit a page I have created promoting a resource that helps online business owners in every step of their marketing venture or keep reading below.

Why the Big Sites Won’t Work

There are a few traditional ways of selling jade and jewelry containing jade online. A lot of these include some of the big sites like Amazon, Etsty, Ebay, or Bonanza. I recommend any of these sites for people who want to sell extra jade they have around the house to make a little extra cash, but anyone who wants to create a business out of flipping jade probably should stay clear of these sites as their sole selling platforms.

There are a few reasons for this. First, when you put your jewelry up on these sites, you are pitted against a lot of other competition, or other people looking to sell jade. Your spot at the top of Amazon’s results are not guaranteed, and other sellers have just as much motivation as you do to unload their products to make a little money. Second, these sites take a pretty big cut out of sales. If you decide to use them, you are losing out on money that you could make if you were to go another route. Another reason for not using them when you are trying to create a business is you can’t establish a name for yourself. Branding is everything when trying to make recursive sales. You need people to know who you are and trust your brand, both of which are not nearly as possible when you are listed on another party’s site. The better way to go is developing and marketing your own website.

Making a Website and Marketing Your Brand

I have to, at this point, mention that I assume that you know how to get your hands on jade cheaply which you can turn for a profit. Make sure you research suppliers and be very specific when it comes to your niche demographic. If you know where your jade is coming from, however, and you know how much your niche will pay for it, you are ready to create a website. When it comes to being a successful online entrepreneur, you will need people to know your brand, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph. The only way to do this is by creating a virtual space that people can come to recognize and love, even return to time and again for their trusted sales. You will then need to learn how to market your website through excellent marketing channels which I can’t teach you all here. I can, however, recommend Wealthy Affiliate for this process. Wealthy Affiliate is program that teaches you everything about marketing a website to create a robust and lasting online business. may be your best bet to ultimate success online, so I recommend checking it out as soon as possible.

Get started selling jade online today! There is nothing stopping you from creating a successful business built around selling jade. Remember to create a website and get started with Wealthy Affiliate today!

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