How to Sell Food Online from Home

A lot of really good home bakers and cooks have wondered if they can get their food into the mouths of other people and actually get paid for it. They probably know that there is a way, but it is bogged down by legal processes, which makes the thought of making online income from their food fleeting. Selling food online from your home, however, shouldn’t be a discouraging factor. If you have a passion for making food, you may be able to turn it into a substantial business. Let’s find out how!

Choosing the Right Food

If you sell food online, you know you will have to ship it to your buyers. This usually limits what you can sell, as you probably couldn’t ship a fresh-cooked turkey dinner. However, this gives you an opportunity to explore what people would be interested in. Consider some of these factors when choosing a food you want to create:

  • Will it ship without a problem?
  • Is it novel/unique enough people will want to buy them?
  • Will it be cheap to make and can you make them relatively fast?
  • Can you market your food as gourmet?

Another Route

No doubt, the concerns we addressed in the introductory paragraph are real for most people who want to sell food online, but there is another way to sell food without having to make it yourself. There are many food companies with affiliate marketing programs that can help you make an online business where you market their food on your website, and they pay you a commission for each sale that results from your efforts. I recommend affiliate marketing to begin with until you get enough brand recognition just because it is easier and generally costs less to start up. Check out my favorite program for affiliate marketers here.

What You Need

There are a couple of things you will need in order to start selling any food online. The first is a website. Your website is a place where you can sell the product and interact with potential customers. This help you to get more people to your site as well as retain them as loyal customers.

The second thing you will need is some background information and experience in online marketing. You will want to learn how to make your site visible to people looking to buy the food you are selling online, including getting your site listed in search results in Google and by making your site appear in Facebook. This often takes hours and hours of time, but the investment is well worth it, especially because it can really take your business to the next level. Where can you find all of this information? I always recommend This is probably the best source of complete information you can find out there about starting an online business. They offer member support and mentoring, training videos that teach you anything from how to make a website to marketing the website, and all the tools you need to be successful.

With all of these resources at your hands, you have a lot of potential to sell food online and start the online business of a lifetime.

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