How to Sell Fine Art Prints Online

Photographers, artists, or even just art enthusiasts often wonder how they can turn their passion into a profit. There are a lot of ways that the internet teaches about selling art online, and each of them come with their own merits, but if you really want to learn how to make a passive income pursuing art, then there may be a better way. Many people interested in making money online are learning to sell fine art prints, either of their own work or of someone else, using three basic, tested steps to help them generate passive income. Learn more about making passive income by reading how to sell fine art prints online for yourself.

1. Your Personal Exhibit

The first step to selling art as an artist or simply as an enthusiast is to set up a website, a place that can become your very own personal exhibit of the pieces you intend to sell. Even if you don’t know how to make a website, there are free resources that will guide you step-by-step to do it for yourself. Below, you can even sign up for a website with a free domain name right now!

Getting a website is crucial to your success in building a passive income because it becomes a place where you can not only sell your art, but engage and interact with your visitors. The more your talk about art with them and show your genuine interest in them, the more likely they will be to buy the fine art prints you are selling, whether they are your own or for another artist.

2. Get Patrons to See Your Art Show

After designing a free website, the next step is getting visitors to come to it. Simply having a website up online is not enough for sales to start rolling in. It takes getting the word out there and promoting yourself, both on social media channels and on search results, so your interested, potential customers are aware of your gallery and what you are selling. If you have never had experience doing this, don’t worry! There are plenty of online resources to help you. The one I personally recommend is, a community of online entrepreneurs like yourself who offer the training you need to start your journey of making a sustainable passive income selling fine art prints online. It is free to try, and if you signed up your free website above, you are already part of the community where you can tap into their advice and help.

3. Keep Selling Art

After a few sales selling your fine art prints, you won’t want to stop there. You want to continue expanding your business and getting more and more people to visit your site. This is the only way your website will be able to generate a steady income stream for you.

This is my profile page on This last step requires that you tap into the knowledge of the community to get key insights on what works and what doesn’t. If you really want to start selling art online, there is no better place than here to get started.

You, Me, and the Community

I want you to be successful with your online business and really learn how to sell fine art prints online. Please, contact me or leave a message below if you have any questions or get started by joining me on Passive income is right around the corner.

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