How to Sell Event Tickets Online

Event tickets are everywhere. They are the way our society is able to pay for most of the entertainment we want to see that doesn’t involve sitting on our couches. If you have tickets that you no longer need/want, however, how do you get rid of them, and is there a business opportunity with them? This article covers how to sell event tickets online using popular platforms everyone is familiar with, including an interesting business opportunity at the end, and you can read more about it here. Otherwise, take a look at what may be available for your event tickets.

1. StubHub

StubHub is one of the most popular online sites for distributing tickets. This allows you to list your event tickets for free, but they charge a fairly hefty buyer’s fee and seller’s fee whenever a transaction goes through. The benefit: you are more likely to get your tickets seen on Google by selling them here than almost anywhere else due to its incredible popularity.

2. TicketsNow

TicketsNow is another online ticket selling platform not unlike StubHub with one exception: it is a little smaller. The fees are roughly the same amount, but the main difference is that TicketsNow is partnered with the NHL and NBA, so most tickets for these major league teams are sold through TicketsNow. You can find/sell other tickets on the site, but sports are definitely their focus.

3. TicketExchange

TicketExchange is the exact same as TicketsNow (in fact, they are owned by the same parent company) with only one small, but key difference: TicketExchange is partnered with the NFL. If you have event tickets to and NFL game, it is likely it came from Ticket Exchange, but you can also list other types of event tickets on the site as well for comparable fees.

4. VividSeats

VividSeats is primarily an online ticket platform catering to concert-goers. Here, you can sell tickets to major musical artist venues or other big-name artists that performing in specific areas. You can also find sports arena tickets for major league games.

5. TickPick

TickPick is a pretty new and small site, but they are beginning to make a name for themselves. They offer by far the best rates of all the platforms already mentioned, but because they are still burgeoning, they have traction with major search engines like Google.

Another Way to Sell

So you can definitely sell your tickets online, but you probably noticed that there are problems with any of these systems if you are not a major ticket distributor. The first is that just that: you have to have a fairly large venue that people are actually interested in to really sell your tickets. This usually means local venues who would like to sell their smaller-venue tickets won’t really be able to on these major platforms. Second, you are always charged a fee, no matter where you sell your tickets. The third problem is that you can end up being pretty restricted to what type of tickets you can sell, and this is often bad news for people who only want to sell one or two spare tickets they purchased months ago but are no longer able to use because something else came up.

The better way to do this is to sell them yourself. All you have to do is create a free website (as the nifty little box below allows you to do) and market your tickets to people on Google or social media channels. It is super cheap to do, if not free, and it reduces the cost of paying fees on these other ticket platforms.

If you are interested in flipping tickets for a profit, you can follow some of the awesome steps found at Selling tickets can become an actually rather lucrative business, and you could potentially even find affiliate marketing opportunities selling event tickets that could make you residual/passive income. To further these pursuits, click here and see how you can get set up today.

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