How to Sell Domain Names Fast

In order to sell your domain names quickly, you will need a couple of things. First, you need to be able to procure domain names that people or companies may want. You then need to find a way to market to those people or companies and sell the domain names for higher than you purchased them. Next, you need to find a way to scale this on a broad level and convince the people/companies of the urgency of purchasing the domain names you own. Once you master these principles, you will also learn how to sell domain names fast and the process becomes a piece of cake. Consider the following ideas to speed up the selling process.

Buying Low

There are several domain registrars from whom you can buy domain names. Your first goal is to find a registrar where you can consistently buy domain names for cheap. Avoid registrars, however, that offer promotions on your first domain name or require you to buy extra stuff. If your goal is to flip domain names for profit, you need to buy at a relatively consistent price without anything like hosting. Avoid sites, therefore, like Godaddy, who entice you with a free or $1 domain name for your first purchase but then charge you substantially higher for your purchases beyond that.

Finding the Domain Names to Buy

Buying domain names to flip for a higher price point is sort of a guessing game, but there are ways to reduce the risk of buying a domain name and convincing someone or a business that they need it. One technique that is very effective is to buy a domain name that represents the name of a business in your town or community, especially if they are new but even if they are established and don’t have a website yet. Consider conducting a web search of businesses in your community and checking to see which ones do/don’t have websites. Find the ones that don’t, create a domain name they would be interested in, and purchase it. That way, when you try to sell it to them, they will notice that it represents their business name and they will be more enticed to grab it from you quickly. For example, in the town of Provo, Utah, there is a certain car mechanic that everyone goes to and trusts but doesn’t have a website. If I tie the location to the keyword he would want to rank for, I end up with, a domain name he would likely want to buy. If I want to go more broad to reach out to more people and expand my reach in a particualr market, I may want to simply combine a location & market specific market area to come up with This is generic enough to reach out to several auto body shops in Provo at once and offer it to the one who bites or let a bidding war commence if several bite.

Finding Buyers

After you do this on a broad scale, you then have to outreach. Email is great, if you can find them (likely that you will have a hard time because they don’t have a website yet). Otherwise, calling or going in in-person are just fine. Your pitch shouldn’t come off as “I bought this so you can have it, so give me money if you want it,” but should be something more like, “I bought this domain name because I believe in local business and want more people to know about your services.” With this approach, you have to be a good salesman, but you can easily turn around a $5 domain and potentially sell them for $100 to $1000 a pop or more, depending on the industry. If you are following the example from the previous section and selling to an auto body or mechanics, chances are you will want to go a little lower, but whatever you can negotiate them to pay as long as it is higher than what you bought the domains for, the better your chances of getting selling domains faster.

Setting Up a Better Business Model

There is a lot more you can learn about this topic, which is why I recommend reading my review of, a program that teaches all of this and more and even lets you set up a free site with training videos to help you establish a business online, even one based solely on the flipping of domain names. You can and should also reach out to me by leaving a comment if you have any questions or would like additional insights regarding selling domain names fast.

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