How to Sell Digital Products Online for Free

Digital products refer to anything that we may use online or on our computers. In other words, a digital product is anything we might purchase that you see but don’t actually feel with your hands. Why are there so many digital products nowadays, and why will you want to sell them? It’s because they are cheap and easy. Digital products can be as simple as a well-formatted word document that producers can distribute in mass quantities to people who really need/want them. If you are looking to start your own business online, selling digital products is by far the best way to begin because they are free (generally) to you and you can distribute them to a mass amount of people with little hassle or heachache. Check out our guide which you can use to get the ball rolling and start selling digital products of your own.

Choose a Digital Product You Want to Sell

Digital products can range from ebooks to training courses. There are a lot of digital products to choose from, so if you are looking to start your own business, consider some of the following and which ones you may have an interest in:

  • ebooks
  • music
  • photos/vectors
  • podcasts
  • video courses/webinars
  • software
  • web services
  • email/website templates

Once you decide on a product you want to create and sell, then it becomes a matter of finding the right digital platform to distribute your product effectively and affordably. Here are a couple of places you can consider:

1. and for Ebooks

Both of these sites are great for anyone who wants to distribute their ebooks without very much hassle. Amazon distributes ebooks for you in Kindle format while Lulu will distribute them for almost any reader. You can even publish your ebooks on both at the same time with no conflict, or you can make your ebooks accessible via print where either Amazon or Lulu will print an order for you once someone makes the purchase. The only downside to these platforms is that you have to pay a marginal fee every time you make a sale for using their site.

2.,, and for Courses

These are three of only many platforms you can use to sell video courses online. Much like the ebook platforms above, you can use just one or all three at once after you develop a course, but they also take a small percentage every time you make a sale.

3. Other E-Commerce Platforms for Everything Else

There are hundreds of different platforms you can use for ecommerce to sell your digital products. They often require a small percentage of the sales you make, however, and it can be hard to establish your own brand on their store front.

4. Any Even Better Way than Selling on a Platform

The last way I can mention is not to use a platform at all: create one! With tools like a free website builder or online trainings from programs like Wealthy Affiliate, you can cut out the middleman entirely and will have access to many resources that will help you establish your brand, garner more and more new traffic, and drive potential customers directly to your site. Click here to see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and how it can help you go the potentially, entirely free option for making money off your digital products.

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