How to Sell Digital Images Online

There are several photographers out there that could make a killing selling stock photos, but many of them feel inhibited because of big sites like iStock or Getty Images who commonly control the industry. If you found this article, however, chances are pretty high that you are wondering if there is any way to make more from your digital images, and the answer is you can! There are a few effective ways to to sell your photos, but the best way is by selling them online, and you don’t even have to go to the behemoth stock photo giants to do it. If you are serious about learning how to sell digital images online and want to take the next step, just follow our guide below to guide you on the right path.

1. Set Yourself Up for Success from the Get-Go

If you want to sell your digital images online, regardless if you intend to sell them as stock photos, you will need your own website to do it. A website will not only house your photos and serve as an e-commerce platform, it will also give you a chance to really connect with your target audience. You offer something these other big picture companies can’t: personality. A website is going to be the only way you can let your personality shine, so get started with one below.

2. Merge into Traffic

After you establish your website, you will need to find a way of getting people to visit it. You don’t want just anyone to visit your website, either. You will want to target and market to a base of people who are looking for the types of digital images you are selling. If they are already looking, and you have the product, the likelihood of them buying from your website is much higher. How do you target these types of people? That is something you will need to learn here.

3. If You Build It…

After you experience even a little success, it will likely motivate you to broaden your customer base and try to sell to even more people. That’s where some really useful tools come into play.

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Getting Started Selling Your Digital Images

Be it photographs, vectors, or any other type of digital art creation you want to sell, following these steps will lead you to success in selling online. My only request as you dive further into the resources and steps I have given is that you reach out to me whenever you have a question. Please leave a comment below or contact me, and I will be sure to help you become successful in your pursuits. With so much being risk-free, there has never been a better time to get started selling your images online!

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