How to Sell Digital Downloads Online

Some of the best, most lucrative online businesses are centered around creating a digital product and distributing it to a wide audience of people who are willing to pay for its content. This is such an amazing business venture because digital downloads are often free to create, whether it is an ebook, video course, etc., they are easy to distribute, and you can reach a huge target demographic. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to start selling their own online product start here because of its amazing potential to generate wealth. The question is how to do it. This guide explores how you can create a digital download to sell, platforms where you can host your downloads for cash, and how to make your own business out of it, small or full-time alike.

Deciding What Digital Product You Want to Sell

There are two ways to sell digital products online: become an affiliate marketer (sell someone else’s digital product for them and take a commission), or create your own. Both take some time and training, which is why I recommend getting some good training here first, but both are lucrative roads to take. To sell digital products as an affiliate marketer, you first have to find someone willing to pay you for generating sales for their product. To sell your own digital product, consider some of these options based on your interested and skill-sets:

  1. Ebooks
  2. Music/Audio products
  3. Video tutorials
  4. Software/Websites
  5. Blueprints/Housing Plans
  6. Recipes
  7. Tickets
  8. Photography
  9. Crafting Patterns

Finding the Right Platform

If you decide to go with your own digital product you will need to decide on where to buy the product. There are several different places online that let you organize a space just for your own digital products, but each of them comes with their own share of benefits and drawbacks, including hosting costs, commission fees, and more. Before you decide on one, make sure to research what best fits your particular situation. Below is listed a few options to choose from:

  1. SendOwl
  2. FetchApp
  3. FastSpring
  4. Sellfy
  5. GumRoad
  6. PullyApp
  7. SimpleGoods
  8. Selz
  9. DPD
  10. E-Junkie
  11. Plasso
  12. EasyDigitalDownloads

Building Your Business

Now that you have a product and a platform where you will sell it, you can now integrate your marketing strategy into the equation to really start building real capital. The general idea is this: first start by building a website centered around the digital product you are providing. Second, drive as many people who are interested in the product as possible to your site so they potentially buy what you are offering. Last, integrate the platform you choose into your website and offer more and more products as you go or become an affiliate for different products. This process to do this is involved and can be rather intense, which is why I highly recommend to receive all the training you need to make this happen, from creating a website to getting access to all the tools that will help you succeed as an online marketer and seller of online digital products.

Start Today

There is no better time than now to start selling a digital product. Following these steps and getting the proper training can get you set up with an online business that will eventually generate passive income. There has never been a better time than today to do it.

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