How to Sell Concert Tickets Online

Tickets! Get your tickets! Tickets are the gateways to fun and entertainment in our culture, but how do you distribute tickets to the people who need them the most? This guide covers how to sell concert tickets online using hosted ticket platforms that everyone should know about. Near the end, we even share some insider secrets about how to avoid the fees associated with ticket selling and even start a business of your own which involves potentially buying and selling tickets for profit.

1. StubHub

Stubhub may just be the “authority’ for ticket selling on the online market. They let you list all of your concert tickets for free, but they charge pretty large fees per ticket sale, around 15% to 25%. Though that’s high, the tradeoff is that StubHub will likely be able to sell your tickets pretty quickly.

2. TicketsNow

TicketsNow, like StubHub, also allows you to sell tickets for concerts or other venues, though it isn’t as large of a company as StubHub. The fees are comparable to the previously mentioned 15% per sale, however. A real differentiation that sets TicketsNow apart, however, is that they are greatly partnered with the NBA and NHL, making them a little more niche to sports. You can still sell concert tickets, of course, but this isn’t their main focus.

3. TicketExchange

TicketExchange and TicketsNow are actually owned by the same company. You receive comparable fees for your sales and just about as many eyes. The NFL, however, is more deeply tied with TicketExchange. Though they allow concert ticket sales, they must be through provided venues they specify on their site.

4. VividSeats

Besides StubHub, VividSeats may well be one of the only ticket-selling platforms mentioned so far where you can buy and sell concert tickets specifically. They also offer sports venues, but it’s fair to say that their main focus is mostly on pop/rock concerts of popular artists.

5. TickPick

TickPick is still fairly new and a little smaller, but they are growing online ticket company who offers substantially better rates than its competitors (about 10% commission fee per ticket sale). This allows you to save you and your buyer money and make the listing costs substantially lower, as you can list lower because the fees are lower.

The Downsides and 1 Really Great Upside

As you may have noticed already, selling tickets online could come with its share of problems. First, the types of concert tickets you can sell on these big, online ticket venues is severely limited. You are restricted to venues with some, the types of tickets with others, and some of them won’t do anything with local ticket-based concerts, such as local band ticket venues or even local orchestral ticket sales. Second, you are charged fees no matter where you host. Third, you’re not really guaranteed sales with any of these platforms: they just let you host with them.

There is one great upside to selling your tickets online, however: it doesn’t have to cost a thing, especially if you have only a few tickets you are trying to resell yourself. Even if you want to go into business buying and selling tickets for a profit, you don’t want to pay such high fees.

I recommend a better way: create your own website for ticket selling and so it yourself. To get started, I recommend looking into a free site at or signing up for one below here:

The basic idea here would be two fold. Either 1) make your own ticket-selling platform or 2) make a one page website that markets the website. If you choose number 1, you will need to spend a lot of time and probably hire a developer. If you choose number 2, with a little marketing on Facebook, you can probably unload your tickets quickly and cheaply. You would pay less for these options and are virtually cost-free if you do it correctly.

For more information, make sure to check out this site to start selling tickets faster and easier.

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