How to Sell Beef Jerky Online

Interestingly, the beef jerky industry is huge. Nearly 122 million Americans consumed beef jerky or another type of beef “snack” in 2017 alone, meaning that the people selling beef jerky are making a good amount of money. While it seems like it is an unfathomable amount to try to tap into, even if you make beef jerky yourself, the good news is that you can also get a cut of the jerky profits if you play your cards correctly. In this article, I will show you how to sell beef jerky online in the simplest way possible so you can make money selling something you love. Whether you are looking to supplement the income of your full-time job or want to become your own boss completely, check out the following steps to financial freedom using something you love the most: beef jerky.

1. First Thing’s First

There are two ways to sell beef jerky: 1) you make it yourself, set up a business license, get licensed by the state to make and sell food, market it, sell it, ship it, worry about taxes, and the list goes on and on, or 2) you can sell some other company’s beef jerky and get a cut of the profit. Which one sounds more enticing? If you answered number 2, you are right. The prospect of selling your own beef jerky and expecting to make money right away is a real slim one, Jim. The better way is to sell beef jerky that belongs to another company where you work a deal out with them that they pay you a profit if they make a sale because of your efforts.

2. How to Do This

This is actually a simply process called “affiliate marketing”. Affiliate marketing is simply selling a particular product for another company. When they make a sale because you referred people to their product, they pay you. The process is straightforward and simple, but there are a couple initial steps to set up first to make sure you get paid.

3. Choose an Affiliate Program

You have to select a beef jerky company which has an affiliate program you want to participate in. All you have to do is Google “beef jerky affiliate program” and see a list of several, reputable beef jerky companies who already have a system in place to pay you for your efforts.

4 Set Up a Website

After you have selected the company you want to work with, you have to create a website. You can do that below:

Your website is valuable because this is where you can showcase the beef jerky products you are selling, and it is the only way that companies will know that you referred a sale. You can’t be an affiliate marketer any other way.

5. Market the Website

You will have to learn how to advertise your website so people will actually visit it and want to make a purchase. This requires some background knowledge, but I recommend a program called to help you. This website has hundreds of hours of instructional videos that teach you about affiliate marketing, all the tools you need to be successful, and an entire community of people willing to help you. I recommend this to anyone starting in the online affiliate marketing business, so get signed up today. It’s free to join and it will launch your money-making career to the next level.

6. Sell That Beef!

You have all the basic tools now at your disposal to make your own online business. Go and make a killing selling that beef jerky!

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