How to Increase Your Website Sales

If you are selling a product online, either your own or someone else’s through affiliate marketing, chances are you are wondering how you can increase your website sales. While there are actually quite a few things you could do to improve the number of sales and commissions you make, there are a few basics that you should understand and master first. I have compiled a few things you can start doing today to better monetize your site and increase the number of sales you are making.

1. Drive More Traffic

The number one reason why most websites aren’t performing well is because they aren’t receiving enough visitors. If they are, the visitors don’t belong to their target demographic. To sell more, you need to drive more traffic to your website of people who are looking for your product. This is completely different than traditional marketing or sales. Pushy salesmen at Costco or mall shoe stores usually try to sell to people who aren’t interested in a new $3000 TV or $500 pair of shoes, but they pressure them anyway. This approach doesn’t work online. People who are not interested in your products have no incentive to stay on your site, if they were even somehow visitors at all. In internet marketing, you have to drive more potential customers to your website who are already looking for a TV or pair of shoes (for example). By narrowing your audience, you are actually expanding your chances of more sales.

So how do you drive more of the right types of traffic to your site? Search engine optimization is a big one. Targeted advertising on social media platforms, such as Facebook, can also be a big one. Pay per click advertising with Google and other search engines may also be very beneficial. Not sure what these are or how to even start with them? Don’t worry. Just click here and you can start receiving the training you need to dive into these potential marketing avenues.

2. Make Your Site Convertible

Once you drive the right type of traffic to your site, you still aren’t done. Even people who are looking for a product similar to the one you are selling may still leave your site if it isn’t presentable. Think of a restaraunt. If you are with a date at a restaurant but the tables aren’t bussed, the floor is sticky, and the carpets smell like fresh vomit, chances are you won’t eat there. This is the same with your site. If links on your site are broken, the design is awful, or your written content is garbage, even people who are “hungry” for your products are probably going to leave your site and search elsewhere.

Think about a convertible. A convertible is sleek, beautiful, and lets you feel the wind in your hair. This is what you need to make your site – a convertible. You need to cherish every visitor and make them feel special and that you want them to buy your products. You are more likely to convert your visitors when your site works, the design is clean, the content is good, and you are providing exactly what they are looking for as well as presentation to match. There are a lot of converting factors that you can learn more about.

3. Join a Community

The last and most effective way to improve your sales is rely on those who have come before you. Entrepreneurs on online community sites such as are willing to help you with gain more insight into marketing online and improving your sales. It is free to join, so there is no risk involved connecting and networking with people who are dedicated to your success.

Get Started

You have a great opportunity to make more sales with your website. If you have any questions or what to contact me, just drop me a line below!

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