How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

It’s one thing to learn how to get people to your site. It is quite another to turn them into a paying customer or client. Whether you are a blogger, a burgeoning online entrepreneur, or a small business owner with a website you are trying to monetize, you don’t just want traffic. You want conversion. Conversion in marketing refers to the process that your website takes a visitor through so they will actually buy when you are selling, read what you are writing, or contact you about what you are providing. Your conversion rate is the percentage that someone is doing what you want them to do over how many visitors your site is getting. The higher the conversion rate percentage, the more sales you will get. Get a head start or check out our quick guide about how to increase your site’s conversion rate and take advantage of all the traffic that is coming to your site.

1. Fewer Fields

If you are selling a product or you want a visitor to submit any type of form, make it easier on them. Only make them fill out a few fields in a form to achieve your goal. The more fields a person has to fill out, the more likely they won’t fill out a form at all and will leave your site.

2. Use Action Words

You need clear calls to action on your website that tell people what they need to do. “Tell Us Your Case” or “Get a Copy Now” are both good examples of clear calls to action. If you are using a call to action as a button or a heading, make them as short as possible so a visitor can read it quickly and make the choice to react.

3. Above the Fold Conversion

The “fold” in a website is the first visible space you see when you visit a website. The fold refers to an old term regarding newspapers where the most important news is found at the top so anyone could see it even when the newspaper was folded. Above the fold content should be converting content, meaning the most interesting content and calls to action should be located here. It will substantially help you increase conversion.

4. No Sensationalism

People online and in general are sold to with sensationalism all the time, and it doesn’t do you any favors. Make sure all of the content on your site is moderate (unless your site is intentionally made to be sensationalist), because people see through fake promises or too-good-to-be-true advertisements. You can make promises as long as you can follow through on them.

There are many other converting factors that will help your website to grow. This, however, is a good bedrock to use as you garner more traffic. You want your visitor to become paying assets, and doing these little things on your website can improve your chances of helping them make the decision to buy your product.

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