Entrepreneur Journey Review

Entrepreneur Journey

Overall Ranking: 8/10

Price Starter Membership: No membership

Price Premium Membership: No membership

Owners: Yaro

Website: Entrepreneur Journey


Entrepreneur Journey is an online resource of different articles and blogs that teach readers how to become successful online marketers and entrepreneurs. Their main focus is on affiliate marketing, but affiliate marketing also includes knowing how to create a website, choose a lucrative product you are passionate about, and market your website. The theories they teach about online marketing are solid, non-sensational, and really help educate aspiring online sellers on aspects of digital marketing.


Entrepreneur Journey has a lot of good information they provide their readers. Some of the pros of following this site include:

  • All of their information is free.
  • They offer a lot of up-to-date information about digital marketing and are continually producing intriguing content.
  • They teach real online marketing principles for successful businesses.

Another benefit of following the website and blog is that there is no risk in reading any of the material. With no membership, you don’t need to worry that your money is going to waste.

There are a few problems that come with Entrepreneur Journey, however, that can’t go unaddressed:

  • The amount of information they offer is a bit overwhelming. There is so much to read and they offer so many resources that you could easily begin to get bogged down trying to go through it all.
  • The website, while organized, is a little cluttered. Like I said in the previous bullet point, the website has a lot of information, making the appearance of the site almost messy looking, likely adding to the overwhelming vibe it gives off when you search through their content.
  • They don’t have a solid community of people you can contact or rely on for networking. With no membership, it is hard to interact with other followers of the blog, meaning the online community is a little weak, even though Entrepreneur Journey is a fairly popular site. There is no support if a reader has questions or needs additional information on particular topics.


The way the site is organized, Entrepreneur Journey reaches a broad demographic of online sellers spanning beginners to the more advanced. There is a very through where-to-start section of the site for anyone unfamiliar with the process of online selling, but there are also continual blogs being produced which talk about new trends and ideas for success.


The training that this site offers is by and large offered in step-by-step training modules with tons of information packed into each module. The only problem is that all the modules are packed into one page. While thorough as they may be, it certainly makes it difficult to access different training modules for reference. I haven’t been aware of any other tools they offer beyond their blog, but the information they do provide, like I already stated above, is solid.


Unfortunately, this site is greatly lacking support, most because the online community is not present. Entrepreneur Journal is more or less a good reference than it is a place to go to collaborate.


You would think that some of this would come at a cost, but it doesn’t. The owner of the website offers all of his information for free because of his altruism and desire to simply help people become better online sellers.


For its intended purpose, Entrepreneur Journey is a great resource that any online seller could utilize. They are free, provide great info, but are lacking in some support and tools that could really set them over the top. I give them an 8 out of 10, but they certainly have won my affections as a great go-to guide. If you are interested in seeing my top pick for an online entrepreneur resource that has everything you are looking for, despite your experience level, just click here!

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