China Direct Sourcing Review

China Direct Sourcing
Overall Ranking: 5/10
Price Starter Membership: No membership
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Owners: Lindy’s
Website: China Direct Sourcing


China Direct Sourcing is a website that helps Australians learn how to buy products from China at discounted/at-cost prices. The owner, Lindy, helps businesses find a supplier, create sound contracts, and even helps with the importing processes that operate within Australian law.


Despite where you live, this site comes with good information for anyone looking to import products from China that they can sell at an up-cost, but it comes with its disadvantages as well. The following are some good things to consider about China Direct Sourcing:

  • They have a lot of support and tools you need to source products from China for really really cheap.
  • Anyone can utilize some of the basic concepts the company teaches.
  • You can really get a good idea of what types of products exist out there and how to get them at a very cheap cost.

There are some obvious flaws with this system, however:

  • The most glaring problem: you can’t really use this site’s full features if you aren’t from Australia! If you are not planning on doing business in Australia, there is little that this site can do for you beyond some basic information about how to source China products.
  • They teach you about obtaining the products from China, but they don’t teach you about selling them or how to make a lucrative business out of it.
  • They don’t offer an online community for their products.


As we have already stated, this website is mostly for Australians, and this demographic is the only group for which all of their information and services is provided. You can only take advantage of the contracts, business suppliers help, and importing if you are Australian, as the site doesn’t focus on anything else.


The training and tools they offer are solid, however. China Direct Sourcing offers some great things, including books and other pieces of education for their potential clients. They also take you through the process of sourcing products with little hassle, granted, of course, that you live in Australia. Like we have said, however, they have some good information for anyone who is looking into obtaining cheap products from China.


There is great support for the people who utilize and buy the products. The owner makes sure you have someone there for you during each step of the process from finding a product provider, to getting them shipped to you. As we have stated, however, you are kind of on your own when it comes to actually selling the products, so knowing how much to mark up your products and how to advertise them is out of their scope


The price isn’t overtly stated on their site, the information and support she provide ranges anywhere from 100 to 1000 dollars, so it really depends on what you are looking for that will help you assess if it is a good deal or not.


This is not a great resource for our standards, but that is simply because they are only teaching you one aspect of obtaining a product. Creating a business, even an online business, requires so much more. You also need to know how to create a website, build up potential clients, and create a community around your product. All of this and more is available on other sites, and for a fraction of the cost. Interested in how that works? Just click here!


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