How to Sell Knowledge Online

You are a knowledgeable person. It’s true. You have experiences and other things you know which no one else in the world has, and what you know is valuable. So valuable, in fact, that people are even willing to pay you money for it.

The internet is loaded with information. You have access to a lot of ideas, history, technology, educational courses, and more at the tip of your fingers. People are thirsty for knowledge, but the vast amount of free knowledge the internet contains actually created a great business model for people who want to make money off of the knowledge they have. People are willing to pay for knowledge that is organized and easy to access that addresses their needs because the internet lacks that organization or easy access. Even when we stumble across good information, we feel it lacks integrity if it looks like the site is stuck in the 90s. This article will show you some awesome potential for selling knowledge online and why people are willing to pay for information even when so much is available at the click of a button. read more