Sell Handmade Items Online

The handmade item business online is currently booming. Despite consumerism being the most affordable it has ever been, there is something about homemade items that people are always willing to buy, especially items that stores don’t often sell. You may even know a few online business people with popular handmade item blogs who sell crocheted products/patterns or even assortments of little girls’ bows which are practically impossible to find in Walmart (and I would know – I’m a father, I’ve looked, and they are not there!). The point I am trying to make is that there may never have been a time up to this point where handmade items sell so amazingly online. With a little know-how this article can provide you, you can turn handmade products you make into real cash. read more

How to Sell Camping Gear Online

Camping and hiking are two of the most common recreational activities families across America engage in nearly every year. Along with their desire to be one with nature also comes the need to buy the equipment to enjoy the great outdoors. If you love nature and have a particular passion for business, you may be able to marry the two and build a sustainable business online selling camping gear to American families. This article explore a couple of business ideas which you can utilize to make some money providing Americans with the gear they need to enjoy the great outdoors. read more

How to Sell Digital Music Online

A lot of burgeoning musicians wonder what they need to do to sell their music and get noticed on a large scale. The most interesting thing about best-selling music isn’t just that the music is really good, but that it is best selling. This means that musicians who want to make it big have to be really good at their music and their ability to sell it. While the “selling” part is often left to agents for those in the big leagues, a lot of bands or musicians don’t have this luxury when they start out, but it isn’t actually terribly difficult to do, even as a busy musician. This article discusses how you can go about selling your digital music online and start a lucrative business that will propel you forward into even more popularity and mainstream music appreciation. read more

Best Place to Sell Jewelry Online

A lot of people have jewelry worth a lot of money that they aren’t particularly attached to that they want to sell. Others find expensive jewelry at discounted prices and want to find a better way to liquidate the jewelry for cash. Whatever your motivation is for selling jewelry, some places are better to sell them online than others.

We all know of the regular sites which are mentioned in blogs like these that teach you how to sell jewelry online:,,, and the list goes on. Though each of these come with their own benefits and drawbacks, today I want to focus on something else entirely – a truly unique space where you can sell your jewelry to people who actually want to buy it with limited competition. What is this place, you may ask? I’m talking about your own online website. read more