Best Way to Sell Clothes Online

Clothing may be one of the most singularly important items we regularly buy as consumers. We all need clothing as a basic human need, but the types of clothing we buy expresses so much more about who we are and what we value. From the brands to the fabric, our clothes tell a story about our lives, but what should we do if we have acquired too much clothing?

When most people’s closets have gotten full in the past, they usually resorted to one of two things: 1) they would give them away to a charity or homeless shelter or 2) they would try to turn a buck or two at a yard sale. While these used to be the only ways you could unload clothing, it presented a couple of problems. The first is that they weren’t sustainable, viable ways to get the full price of their clothing. The second is that these never offered a way for individuals to sell clothing in a more systematic, even business-like way.

Today, we have so many online options to sell clothing that you can even make a business venture out of them, if you wanted to. The following list delineates the different websites you can use to sell your clothing online today, including number 9, which details how you can even make your own website to generate passive income from clothing!


Poshmark is a popular site where you can buy, and sell your clothing for some extra money. They take both new/unworn clothing as well as used clothing, as long as the clothing is still in good condition. They even allow clothes-lovers to throw online shopping parties. This is a popular choice for many poeple to make money on their clothing because Poshmark even sends you pre-paid shipping labels, making the whole process easy and really cheap. Poshmark simply takes 20% for their cut, leaving you with a pretty substantial profit.


There are two ways to sell clothing on Amazon, either used or completely new. The first is that you can sell with “Fulfilled by Amazon”. Essentially, you pay about 40 dollars a month, ship your belongings to Amazon, they ship your items for you when they sell, and they even slap the “prime” shipping label to entice more buyers to purchase your clothing. This is a great option if you have an online clothing boutique and you want to make your items more accessible, but it could munch away at someone’s budget if they only have some odds and ends to sell. That’s where the second option comes in.

The second option to sell on is as an “Amazon Seller”. An Amazon seller essentially is someone who posts their clothing they want to sell but takes care of all the shipping and dealing with the buyer. Amazon takes a dollar cut for each sale plus a little extra, depending on the item and overall price of the item. This is a better option for fashionistas that simply want to unload some of their old clothing without creating a business out of it simply because there is no personal cost to you as a seller until the item is purchased.


Material World is an online site that buys your used designer clothing brands. They have specific guidelines which they clearly outline on their website, but if you qualify with your type of clothing, you select the items you want to send them and they will give you a quote for how much they would pay you for all of it. If you accept their offer, they ship you a bag which you can use to send them the clothing and they will pay you via electronic gift card. This isn’t really a great business venture long-term, but you can certainly get rid of some used clothing for pretty good cash if it fits their standards.


ReFashioner is does exactly what their name suggests: resells fashionable clothing. When you sign up, you are provided with a customized closet where you photograph your used clothing items which you wish to sell. ReFashioner will then choose if they want to accept your items or not, but if they are accepted, you are emailed with a suggested price and you can list it on their site. If it does sell, you have two options: 1) cash out or 2) don’t cash out and use the money to buy other clothes on the site. Savvy entrepreneurs have used ReFashioner to build their own little side hustles where they buy clothing cheap and are able to sell them marked up on ReFashioner at a price people are still willing to pay, but you have to know how to get the clothes discounted in the first place.


ThreadUp is a great online site for selling used designer clothing, both for yourself and for your children. They buy back your clothes and you can buy used designer clothing at discounted rates. The money-making opportunity here isn’t super lucrative, but it does give you a chance to buy and sell pretty nice clothing at a good discount.


The Real Real is an online luxury clothing brand retailer which buys and resells pre-owned fashion clothing. Once you sign up, they will send you a packaging label for the items you want to sell them (according to their standards and brands which they accept), and once they sell on the site, they give you 70% of the cost of the item. This is virtually a hassle-free way of getting rid of your used clothes at a pretty good turn of profit.


Tradesy is a great site that allows you to list your clothing items super simple and super fast. They accept most brands as long and the clothing you are looking to sell is in top condition, and they even edit and clean up the photos you take of your clothing for you. They allow you to choose your own price or you can list your items with their suggested prices, and they only take 9% commision! You pocket most of your proceeds and get paid real cash into your Paypal account.


Based in New Jersey, Lil Jelly Bean accepts clothing for children specifically, much like ThreadUp. As a seller, you are paid per item which you list and a simple shipping fee is deducted from your proceeds. Your payout comes in the form of real cash through Paypal, and it could be a good opportunity for parents to get rid of used, yet still nice, items of clothing which other children could benefit from having.

9. Your Own Website

No, there is no online clothing store called “”. What we are talking about here is selling clothing on your own online space where 100% of the money goes straight into your pocket. A lot of business people who are interested in selling clothing soon begin to realize that all of the methods mentioned above either are not sustainable for long-term business or could end up taking a good chunk of money out of potential profits overtime. Instead of using another site’s platform for selling clothing, you could consider making your own.

The idea works this way. If you want to sell a few item here and there, this is probably not worth your time or investment. If you would like to sell clothing as a long-term business, however, you could start making passive income buying clothing low and selling them marked up at prices that people would still pay. Simply create your own website, market your clothing as you would any of the previously-mentioned sites, and generate traffic to your site of people interested in buying your clothing.

You can get your own online space free when you sign up with the box below:

You can also get all of the information and know-how to market and sell your clothing long-term through one of the best memberships available to online business people: Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a website/membership that gives you access to hours and hours of training videos which teach you how to become a successful online business owner. The game and rules for online business are totally different when it comes to marketing your website and generating sales for your potential clothing buyers, so they give you everything you need to know to start building passive income. They have several tools which you can utilize as well as access to a community of other clothing salespeople who have already experienced success selling online, which will ultimately help your business. Obviously, isn’t a great fit for the occasional seller of clothes, but if you want to make a business out of buying and selling clothing because it is something you are passionate about and can make work for your lifestyle, you real have nothing to lose. Click here to learn more about the benefits it could offer you!

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