Best Place to Sell Jewelry Online

A lot of people have jewelry worth a lot of money that they aren’t particularly attached to that they want to sell. Others find expensive jewelry at discounted prices and want to find a better way to liquidate the jewelry for cash. Whatever your motivation is for selling jewelry, some places are better to sell them online than others.

We all know of the regular sites which are mentioned in blogs like these that teach you how to sell jewelry online:,,, and the list goes on. Though each of these come with their own benefits and drawbacks, today I want to focus on something else entirely – a truly unique space where you can sell your jewelry to people who actually want to buy it with limited competition. What is this place, you may ask? I’m talking about your own online website.

There are unforetold possibilities when it comes to selling jewelry online by setting up your own space for it. The rest of this article shows you how you can establish a website to set up your own online presence/business to sell jewelry. If you are only looking to sell a few things here and there, then yeah, Amazon or Etsy might actually be the better option. If you really want to create the best place to sell jewelry online, however, continue reading!

1. Choosing Your Business Model

There are a few ways you can set up your online jewelry store. The first involves selling your own jewelry online. The second involves selling jewelry for others and taking a cut of their profits. The third includes getting others to sell jewelry on your site and you take a small cut for them. Here are a few considerations with each choice.

Selling your own jewelry online as a business means that, if you want to keep the jewelry going, you will either need to make the jewelry yourself and mark it up or you will need to find a jewelry supplier and mark it up. Both of these come with their benefits and drawbacks. Making your own jewelry can actually be very inexpensive and your markup can be pretty substantial, allowing you to turn a good profit. The problem is that if it isn’t quality, people may not be willing to buy it. You may also run into the issue of time, that you won’t have enough time to make and sell your jewelry, even if people are buying them (though this could be a good thing, too, because if you only make X amount and the demand is much higher, you could potentially raise the price due to scarcity and people would pay big to get your product). Finding a jeweler to supply you with your goods could be good, but you would need to make your niche specific enough, meaning the targeted demographic you want to sell to, that the jewelry is unique and desirable by all of them.

The second way to do it, very unlike the first method, is to set up a website and do affiliate marketing for jewelry that you don’t manage or own. There are some jewelry outlets or other sellers that are willing to pay people to market for them, which means you don’t even have to see the jewelry before you sell it. Every sale you make, the jeweler or jewelry company pays your. This “affiliate marketing” is a great way to start any business, as it requires very little capital to start and it is almost entirely risk-free. The only downside is that you will have to research someone willing to make you an affiliate marketer of their jewelry product/products, but this could be an excellent option.

The third option is to create an online space specifically for people to sell their jewelry. This could work in different ways. You could make a site where people post their own items to sell, they list the price, and when it sells, you take a cut of the commission. You could also do it where you get bigger jewelers to list their jewelry on your site. You could potentially do both, too. Either way, they could pay you a small cut for listing their items on your site after a sale is made or they could simply pay you just to list on your site. There are a few downsides to this, wherein larger jewelers may already have a larger online presence and platform for selling their jewelry, and smaller/local jewelers may need to be educated really well in your sales pitch why they would need your site to sell their stuff. If you make it unique enough, however, and follow good marketing principles, you shouldn’t encounter too many problems. Check out this link for some quick information on some training that could help get you there.

2. Create Your Website

No matter which of these business models you choose, you will need a website of your own. Your own web presence allows you to do a few things.

First, it serves as the platform where you can actually sell jewelry. People can use it as a storefront to look at their potential purchases and where you can collect money for their purchases.

Second, it also serves as a way for you to connect personally with your customers and potential customers. They and you have nearly instant access of communication to one another which helps you build report and establish your brand. When people really know who the seller is and like the seller, they are more likely to buy the product from you.

Third, your website help you establish your uniqueness as a seller from other jewelry outlets online. It lets people see that you are unique and what you have to offer is new and ‘ts what they want.

I personally recommend building a site as simply as possible with the support of a great team and excellent hosting, especially if you don’t know much about designing websites. I recommend Wealth Affiliate because they offer WordPress integration, one of the best website-building platforms out there today, great hosting, marketing support for your website, and so much more. The great thing is you can host with them for free starting today, or, if you would like a completely unique domain name (which I find preferable), the monthly cost is very reasonable. Simply choose a domain name which represents the jewelry business you would like to start and within a few clicks, you will have a website set up easily and with very little hassle.

3. Market Your Website

No matter which business model you choose, simply securing your website is not good enough to make people want to visit it. Unlike the popular saying “if you build it, they will come”, absolutely no one will come or even know to come to your website if you don’t take some steps to market it.

The first step you can take is through a process called SEO (search engine optimization). This is a generally free option that anyone can do, and it involves making your site discoverable by search engines so that you show up in their pages. When people put in a search term, the idea is that your jewelry business will show up in the results if it is related. Search engines don’t magically rank your site if it isn’t known, however, so I would suggest looking into a good SEO marketing training program to see how to complete this step.

The second step you can take is through paid advertising. This takes form in many different ways, but some of the most effective means are targeted digital ads, such as those which you can find on Facebook and Google. This isn’t terribly hard to do, but it can be a learning curve if you are new to it. Click here to see a review of a program we recommend that can help you learn how to tackle this type of marketing.

There are plenty of other marketing strategies you could choose from, but these two are the ones I most highly recommend because they are easy and oftentimes guaranteed to bring you results over other types of marketing strategies.

Once you start getting visitors to your site through your marketing efforts, more and more people will begin discovering your brand, search engines will rank you better, and you will be able to make some substantial income, even passive income if you set it up correctly.

4. Get the Help You Need

There are a lot of people out there who have set up online businesses who are willing to help you. There are tons of training modules that you can access to learn what you need to to be successful in the jewelry-selling, online industry. There are so many tools available to your success that you can set up an incredible, lucrative business online. There is no better place that I know of which has combined all of these aspects into one than Wealth Affiliate. You have access to literally thousands of others willing to help you in your journey who have also set up successful online businesses. You get tools you can’t find elsewhere. You have access to hundreds of hours of training specific to your website/marketing needs. No matter which type of business model you choose, this program can help you truly build the best place to sell jewelry online.

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