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Affiliate marketing may arguably be one of the most lucrative online ventures of all time. For those who have little or no understanding, it is basically becoming a marketer for another person’s/company’s product. If the person/company makes a sale based on your advertising, you get a cut of the profits. The benefits and potential rewards of selling mass amounts of products that you never even have to see or touch is endless, and many people make affiliate marketing part of their family or individual income streams, if not their full time career. What’s more is that there are several thousand affiliate marketing opportunities available, meaning that no matter what your passion is, you could make money doing it.

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

There are a few basics to getting started as an affiliate marketer. I have written another post teaching anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing how to get started, from choosing an affiliate marketing product to building your own website to growing your business into a real, self-generating revenue stream. If you are a beginner to affiliate marketing, I would suggest clicking here to read that post and follow the actionable items you can do today. You can even get started for free!

There is more good news about affiliate marketing: there is support everywhere you turn. There are so many people who have made a killing with affiliate marketing that thousands of people have articles and trainings online teaching you what you can do and what you should know to be successful. The online affiliate marketing community is strong and supportive, and everyone wants to help each other. This, unfortunately, can also be a bad thing.

There are so many courses, trainings, articles, and things written about how to become an affiliate marketer that it is often difficult to know where to start, what you should read, or how to approach the topic without immediately feeling inundated. Those who are searching for the best affiliate marketing training course will want to find one that offers beginner and seasoned marketers useful, organized information. It would be an added bonus if the training course providers also had the tools you needed and provided a platform for the community to gather and support one another. All of this and much more can be found when you join

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform which you can join free today. The platform clearly organizes all of its training to help someone grow a successful online business, and they do so through the best affiliate marketing training courses available, their endless tools (from website creation to keyword planners) and even a place where you can seek out mentorship from anyone and everyone who uses the platform. The following are seven reasons I believe you should consider to get all of the information you need to create a successful online business and join the thousands of others who have made a killing selling others’ products online.

1. Free Website and Website Support

The basics of any affiliate marketing pursuit require you to create a website centered around your affiliate product. The creators of know this, and as such provide their members with a free hosted site and free reign to design the site however they (the members) see fit to sell their affiliate products. You also have the option of creating a custom domain which Wealthy Affiliate will also help you maintain, though this feature costs a little extra. Not many other affiliate marketing resources out there have such a robust feature, and the fact that Wealth Affiliate offers this feature with complete tech support in and of itself helps them to stand out above the crowd.

2. Amazing Training

Wealthy Affiliate members rave about this online platform and community in large part because of the outstanding training you get when you sign up to be a member. The trainings are step-by-step, constantly being updated (to stay current with real trends), and will take you through an interactive process to improve your online presence. The trainings are broken up into levels which you can easily progress through, with the intent of stopping along the way and immediately implementing what you learn on your own website. There are finite hours of videos and reading materials you will be able to get through, but they are ALWAYS providing new trainings and discussions every week which you can access and which have to do with improving your marketing strategy.

3. Keyword Research Tool

One of the remarkable features of Wealthy Affiliate is its extensive library of tools that help you identify weaker parts of your marketing strategy and work towards beefing them up. One such tool which they offer is a keyword research tool unlike anything you have seen before. For those who are unfamiliar with keywords and how they relate to marketing, the concept is fairly straightforward. People use search engines to find what they are looking for online, whether that is information or a product. The words they type in are “keywords” which the search engine looks at then uses to search its database of websites that are potentially relevant to your search. The search engines only know if your site is relevant, however, if you have those keywords also on your website. It is a signal to the search engine that you have the information or product the person is looking for.

Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword planner essentially help you to identify keywords that people are searching for and how likely certain keyword phrases are to generate traffic. Some keywords may not receive much, if any, traffic from search engines, which means you won’t want to use those keywords to sell your product online. The keyword planner will also generate other potentially lucrative keywords that people are in fact using and which you can consider, related to your affiliate marketing product. What’s more is that the keyword planner helps you to identify potential competition for certain keyword phrases and the difficulty/time investment of getting your keywords to show up near the top of the search results. This tool is incredible, and no other tool, paid or free, is quite like it.

4. Comment Tools

Speaking of search engines, all of the major search engines today (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) take into consideration how interactive people are with you and each other when they read an article on your site. One of the ways this is measured is by evaluating the number of comments left on a page and how recently they were left. The more people who leave an interact on your site, the better your chance of increasing your position in search results. To help facilitate this process, Wealth Affiliate also offers a comment leaving platform. For every two comments you leave on another member’s website, Wealthy Affiliate will request someone leaves a comment on your site. You even get to specify the page where you want them to leave a comment. This is a great tool and it has helped jumpstart a lot of pages to have insightful and meaningful comments without the hassle of trying to be seen first.

5. More Online Sales

It’s a fact that those who use Wealthy Affiliate’s platform and implement the strategies they learn will make more money online than those who don’t. It takes time and patience, but learning the tricks of the trade will provide you with the tools you need to create a thriving online business. If you want more sales, the tools, training, and community on Wealthy Affiliate can’t be beat.

6. Wealthy Affiliate – Its Own Product

Wealthy Affiliate is an all around amazing platform, but it is also its own product. What I mean by this is that Wealthy Affiliate offers marketers the chance to sell Wealthy Affiliate memberships for a cut of the profits. You could become an affiliate marketer by starting selling affiliate marketing resources, which makes Wealthy Affiliate not only a great platform but an example of moral authority as they live what they teach.

7. Joining Now

The last great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that they offer a free trial where you can see if you really like their products and training videos. It is also non-obligation, meaning that they don’t require a credit card upfront (which everyone hates), and they let their product speak for itself. Even the premium paid membership is a fantastic deal. It only costs 49 dollars a month, which is an amazingly cheap amount to pay for such a wealth of information and products at your disposal.

After personally using Wealthy Affiliate, I strongly encourage anyone seeking to become an affiliate marketer or anyone who wants to up their game to consider Wealthy Affiliate as their platform. If my personal testimonial isn’t enough, I’ll let Wealthy Affiliate do the talking. Click here to access my review page and sign up for free today!

10 thoughts on “Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course

  1. Affiliate marketing has and is gaining the attention of so many people worldwide because of all of the benefits that are involved. Even though this type of business is not a get rich quick business and building it requires so much work the end result is very rewarding. Wealthy affiliate in my opinion has the best affiliate program ever.

    • Affiliate marketing really is gaining a lot of attention. It does take a lot of hard work upfront though and I think that is why most people fail. They put in months of work and see no results and give up. It takes a huge time investment, but it also pays off quite nicely.

  2. Great post! I agree, affiliate marketing is probably the most lucrative online ventures. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for the past several months and love it. I love that I don’t need to come up with my own products or worry about shipping. I simply promote someone else’s products.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a unique opportunity for those wanting to be an affiliate marketer. Like you explain, they have all the tools and training that a person would need to succeed online. One of my favorite things about WA is the community of people who help and support each other.

    Thank you for the great information and for promoting such a trustworthy opportunity.


    • Affiliate marketing really is a great opportunity. If one can learn the industry they can be quite successful. There are also countless affiliate opportunities out their and if you can find that winning formula, one can simply rinse and repeat and find success with almost any affiliate program.

  3. Hello Taylor,
    Very good information is what you provide from the best affiliate program in the world. I also like all the different areas such as the training and the tools we will need to be successful.
    All this gives us a company whose platform has the best professionals who make the best choice, within affiliate marketing. Many thanks!

    • Wealthy Affiliate really does have it all. Courses to learn how to be successful, tools so that you don’t have to spend additional money and a great community that supports all of its members. WA is the one program that I have seen 100,000’s of people find success regardless of their backgrounds.

  4. Was searching for online marketing courses when I came across your site. I’ve taken a few from Udemy, but they are mostly one-way type of learning and they are quite pricey too.

    This Wealthy Affiliate program seems more comprehensive than others. When you mentioned free website, is there a limit to how many sites one can publish? How much would it costs to use custom domains?

    Thank you.

    • With a free account I believe you have a limit of 2 sites. Premium is unlimited. Domains cost can vary, but most are around $15.99. Wealthy Affiliate is great because you can learn and earn at the same time!

  5. I am a premium member of wealthy affiliate myself, and agree with what you mentioned in your post. Despite initial scepticism after seeing so many online marketing programs that are / appear to be scams, I plunged into it since, like you said, it’s free to join for the starter account. That itself in my opinion suggested that it should be legitimate. That said, though, the program totally exceeded my expectations on many levels. There’s so much to learn, so much support as well! How did you find out about WealthyAffiliate?

    • Wealthy Affiliate really is full of great information that has helped so many create successful online businesses. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how I found out about Wealthy Affiliate. I had been searching and try countless products before I found WA. I’m sure I stubbled across WA through a Google search.

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