Backyard Chickens Review

Backyard Chickens
Overall Ranking: 5/10
Price Starter Membership: $0


This site is a general information platform that provides potential chicken-raisers with the resources they need to get started. While the idea of this little online business seems a little like something to be chuckled at, the website is following great marketing principles about how to sell online. They are targeting their niche well, and they are making quite a bit of profit doing so.


There are pros and cons to this site, depending on what you are looking for. I’ll start with the pros first:

  • This is a great example of a site that knows how to make money online.
  • They have a big following of people.
  • They produce excellent content that is targeted at their main customers.
  • They have advertisement sponsorships, they use affiliate links, and they sell different ebooks on a specific topic, all of which avenues are capable of generating income.

There are some flaws to this site, however:

  • If you have come to learn about their methods to make money, you have come to the wrong place. They only provide information about chicken raising.
  • The site design is somewhat outdated, making it seem very out of touch, despite how good their information is.


If you are interested in raising your own chickens, this is probably the best site you can find. You will have tons of people you can connect with and forums up the wazoo about any question you could possibly think about when it comes to raising chickens. They also have several articles on the subject, and all of the information is free. You can even create a profile for free and become a full-time member of the chicken-loving community.


They don’t have any training videos or tools beyond their forums or articles, but a fun thing to point out is that they have an online store with a lot of items you can buy if you are into chickens. T-shirts, mugs, other types of swag, and even chicken food. It is pretty a pretty great business they have going on there.


Seeing that this site is mostly a forum, much of the support comes from the online community. If you have any questions or concerns, this is the best place to become actively involved in the dialogue associated with this nitch


Starter Membership: $0

With so many free materials, there is little reason, if you are into it, not to join this community.


This is definitely difficult to rate. The site is a prime example of a successful online business. They have all of the elements correct (besides a little outdated of a website) and so many money-making opportunities that they are probably raking in plenty of passive income. While they are a great example of selling online, they certainly don’t teach it, which is what our focus is here at Zippy Passive Income. For our own purposes, we give them 5 out of 10, but we would highly encourage anyone looking into bettering their online business to think about Backyard Chickens and how you can emulate some of the elements they are using to build a big community and make some good money.

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