Learn How to Sell Tickets Online

You can find event ticket everywhere online. Tickets are one of the best things our culture has designed to allow us access to entertainment beyond just sitting on our couches watching TV. If you are looking to sell spare tickets you have already purchased or want to figure out how to make a sustainable business from selling tickets online, this article is for you. I cover everything you need to learn so you can sell tickets online quickly and make some good money doing it.

1. StubHub

This particular site is one of the most popular ticket-selling distribution platforms on the web today. It allows you to list your tickets for free, though they do charge buyers and sellers fees with every sale. The best part of StubHub.com is that your tickets are likely to be quickly indexed on Google so your tickets come up when someone is conducting a search. read more

How to Sell Mary Kay Online

Mary Kay has been around for the past 50 + years as one of America’s most trusted multi level marketing companies. Over those 50 years, a lot has changed, and so have Mary Kay sales tactics. Where Mary Kay reps made most of their sales was from hosted makeup parties, selling to friends and family, and, if they were lucky and had enough capital, through traditional marketing schemes, today more and more people are turning to the internet. Online marketing and sales is by far one of the most lucrative ways you can sell Mary Kay, and this article will explain the basics of how to do it. read more

How to Sell Laptops Online

There are several ways you can sell laptops online. You can find sites that buy back used laptops if you have a couple you would like to liquidate into real money. If you are good at repairing laptops, you can even use some sites online to restore a laptop then sell it to companies who market them for a small profit. You can do a simple Google search to find these sites, but that’s not what this article is about. I want to share something else with you if you are looking to sell laptops as a side business. If you decide to take the plunge into your own online business selling laptops, click here for some additional resources. read more

How to Sell Luxury Items Online

Luxury items are an wonderful investment – for business, that is! Luxury items, despite the type, are often expensive, unnecessary, but sought-after goods which are relatively inexpensive to create but which people are willing to pay for. For example, diamonds are often marked up 100% or more of their original sale value, meaning that retailers nearly double, triple, quadruple, etc. the regular price of diamonds. A $400 diamond can be sold, then, for up to $1600 without the customer blinking an eye, and people who want these types of luxury items don’t care about the cost, which is what inevitably drives the price up. With this much markup, you may be wondering how to get in on this business or if you can get a cut of the action. In all reality, you can, and it doesn’t have to be just diamonds. With this article, I will teach you how to sell any luxury item online and build a lucrative business around it. read more

How to Sell Life Insurance Online

If you are reading this article, you are likely an insurance broker interested in busting into the online life insurance selling industry. You have likely heard that the internet makes it possible for brokers to make more money and reach more people, and that selling life insurance has never been easier. The good news is that this is completely true in that the internet can take your brokerage to the next level with its sales. The bad news is that it is still going to take work and a little bit of investment on your part. I have prepared this article for you so you can learn what you need to do to improve your life insurance business and reach more people who are already interested in buying life insurance so they do it through you instead of one of your competitors. read more

How to Sell Knives Online

You are likely reading this article because of a few possible reasons. First, you are a knife enthusiast, kitchen or otherwise, and you would like to learn how to make money selling knives online. Another possibility is that you have a nice collection of knives, kitchen or otherwise, which you would like to sell for a little bit of money, but you aren’t necessarily interested in creating a “business” out of it. The last potential reason is because you are looking for recommended sites where you can sell knives, either because you have a collection of them or because you want to set up some sort of recurring system to make money. Whether or not these situations apply to you, I’m glad you are here, because this article covers all of it. In the following paragraphs below, I am going to teach you the several different ways to sell knives online, how to find websites where you can unload them quickly, and even how to create your own booming e-business with knives as the focus. read more

How to Sell Knowledge Online

You are a knowledgeable person. It’s true. You have experiences and other things you know which no one else in the world has, and what you know is valuable. So valuable, in fact, that people are even willing to pay you money for it.

The internet is loaded with information. You have access to a lot of ideas, history, technology, educational courses, and more at the tip of your fingers. People are thirsty for knowledge, but the vast amount of free knowledge the internet contains actually created a great business model for people who want to make money off of the knowledge they have. People are willing to pay for knowledge that is organized and easy to access that addresses their needs because the internet lacks that organization or easy access. Even when we stumble across good information, we feel it lacks integrity if it looks like the site is stuck in the 90s. This article will show you some awesome potential for selling knowledge online and why people are willing to pay for information even when so much is available at the click of a button. read more

How to Sell Kittens Online

The internet has a few sites where you can buy and sell pets, but interestingly, they can only be bought and sold for pleasure and not to make a profit. There are some areas of grey as to what this actually means, but general consensus states that you probably can’t buy a pet for a low price, markup the price, and resell it. There are concerns about ethics when it comes to selling pets, and certain states have laws which regulate the sales of pets online. With these precautions, regulations, and area of moral gray, it is likely better to avoid selling kittens online. The better approach would be to put advertisements in your local newspapers or Facebooks groups. read more

How to Sell Knitted Items Online

More and more people today want homemade, knit items because they are unique, stylish, and often higher quality than what you can find in stores with manufactured clothing. It isn’t news to people who make knit clothing or dolls that there is money in this endeavor, either. Because people want handmade knit items, and an individual can only produce so much at a time, the scarcity drives up the price, but this doesn’t disway people from wanting to buy them. Consumers are willing to pay top dollar for knit items, which begs the question: if you knit, could you get in on a piece of that action? In short, the answer is yes, and this article will show you exactly how to make money selling your knitted items online. read more

How to Sell Kitchen Appliances Online

Everyone likes new kitchen appliances, even if they aren’t really great chefs or bakers. There is something fascinating and fulfilling about buying a new kitchen appliance that is meant to revolutionize the way we cook. From large appliances to smaller appliances, there is even a way you can take advantage of people’s love for new kitchenware. In this article, I cover how you can sell kitchen appliances online and provide you with actionable steps you can take right now to make an online business out of it. read more