How to Sell Food Online from Home

A lot of really good home bakers and cooks have wondered if they can get their food into the mouths of other people and actually get paid for it. They probably know that there is a way, but it is bogged down by legal processes, which makes the thought of making online income from their food fleeting. Selling food online from your home, however, shouldn’t be a discouraging factor. If you have a passion for making food, you may be able to turn it into a substantial business. Let’s find out how! read more

How to Sell Hair Extensions Online

If you are into fashion and beauty, chances are you know about hair extensions. Hair extensions include anything from real or synthetic hair that can be clipped on, sewn in with thread, taped on, or even just worn as a wig. As a nearly 700 million dollar industry, there is certainly a demand for these products. The great thing is that these profits don’t have to be limited just to the big companies. People like you can get in and make a business selling hair extensions online and actually do pretty well for themselves. This is why I have written this article: to teach you a business model you can use to sell hair extensions and make your own profitable online enterprise. read more

How to Sell Hamsters Online

Hamsters often have anywhere from 10 to 20 babies at a time. After a hamster gives birth, she is immediately able to get pregnant again, meaning that within a given year, you could end up with 40 to 100 new hamsters on your hands, which can be a bit to maintain. What many people who have bred hamsters do, then, is turn to selling off the litters. Traditionally, they sit outside stores and give them away or bring them to animal shelters where others can adopt them, but I have another way that you may consider: selling them online. read more

How to Sell Homemade Soap Online

Homemade soaps have grown exponentially in popularity in the past few years. People are drawn to the enticing scents of essential oils, but they are even more popular because of their gentleness on the skin and their ability to be crafted organically and without biohazard. Anyone who buys hand-crafted soaps at a store, however, knows how expensive they are in comparison to a bar of Dove or Suave, which means that people are always searching for homemade soaps at a price they can afford, especially if these soaps meet their needs. As a soapmaker yourself, you have a really wonderful opportunity to help these people get your homemade soap into their hands by establishing a solid online business. If you want to learn how to sell homemade soap online, click here or keep reading the following article to take some actionable steps to making your soap-making into a real business. read more

How to Sell Jam Online

There are fewer things more rustic and reminiscent of good, old times than the taste of homemade jam spread across toast or a hot buttery roll. This is why so many people pay good money for it. They want the nostalgia and feeling of times past where they would have jam at grandma or grandpa’s house out on the farm. This makes all the difference when you know how to make homemade jam and can provide it for people who are looking for good recipes which they can buy for their families. If you know how to make jam and are interested in learning how to sell it online, consider these steps to take to market your jam to the people who are already looking for it. read more

Sell Handmade Items Online

The handmade item business online is currently booming. Despite consumerism being the most affordable it has ever been, there is something about homemade items that people are always willing to buy, especially items that stores don’t often sell. You may even know a few online business people with popular handmade item blogs who sell crocheted products/patterns or even assortments of little girls’ bows which are practically impossible to find in Walmart (and I would know – I’m a father, I’ve looked, and they are not there!). The point I am trying to make is that there may never have been a time up to this point where handmade items sell so amazingly online. With a little know-how this article can provide you, you can turn handmade products you make into real cash. read more

How to Sell Camping Gear Online

Camping and hiking are two of the most common recreational activities families across America engage in nearly every year. Along with their desire to be one with nature also comes the need to buy the equipment to enjoy the great outdoors. If you love nature and have a particular passion for business, you may be able to marry the two and build a sustainable business online selling camping gear to American families. This article explore a couple of business ideas which you can utilize to make some money providing Americans with the gear they need to enjoy the great outdoors. read more

How to Sell Online Gift Cards

Gift cards – you know, those things your grandma always gets you for Christmas and you think, “Where did you even get this?” Selling gift cards online is actually a big industry, and if you didn’t know that you could sell online gift cards before, just know there are sites that will buy back your gift cards for about 70% to 80% of the gift card’s original value. While that is cool and all, those ways are old and already explored, so this article focuses on something different. I want to take another approach to selling gift cards online that not many people think of but is probably substantially better for your bottom line, and it will certainly give you more than 70% back on your card. What I am talking about is creating an online enterprise, of sorts, to sell you gift cards. read more

How to Sell Games Online

We’ve all been there before – where we finish beating a video game for the 11th time this month on varying levels of difficulty and realize that there is no more fulfillment in playing it. Many gamers, when they reach this point, realize that they have two options: be stuck with the game or try to pawn it off so they can buy their next adventure. The great thing is that the internet makes the latter completely possible and actually very easy. In fact, there are some people who even make businesses out of selling video games online as a used vendor. This article will provide you with different ways to sell your video games and how, if you want to, you can make your own business out of buying and selling video games online and turn a pretty substantial profit. read more

How to Sell Baked Goods Online

If you are a pretty good baker, you may be interested in finding ways to try and monetize your passion, and selling your baked goods online may just be the way to do it. There are a couple of different approaches you could take to selling your baked goods online.This article explores these types and how you might be able to turn your baking obsession into a lucrative pastime online.

How Do You Even Sell Baked Goods Online?

It is true that with most baked good, you actually won’t be able to sell them online, package them up, and ship them off in the traditional sense. Obviously, many baked goods would go bad in the mail and you face the possibility of your goods getting smashed or ruined before they are even delivered. So how do you do it? read more